Demon Slayer Armor (DS)

Demon Slayer armor have a 50% chance to be looted an Endless Dungeon reward in the 10th chest of every 5th floor except first 5, as the other 50% chance are for the Dragon Slayer armor. Starting from floor 100, the chance for Demon Slayer armor becomes 100%. You have 40 chances to get this armor in ED if you reach F200.


Floor = Based on how many floors you cleared in Endless Dungeon. Please check main article for more. (e.g, F100 DS piece = 6,600 Defense)

Time Left: 50 + Floor days (Casual); Permanent (Hardcore)

Green Bonus: Spawn Rate (can be changed)

Orange Bonus: Attack (can be changed)

Purple Bonus: Attack Power (can be changed)

Unobtainium Enhancement count: [+6] for Casual; [+10] for Hardcore; [+20] for HCWM; [+30] for HCAPOC (Invisible X + WM Gem); [+30 + extra 10] +30 is from HCAPOC and extra 10 tiers is from maxed out "Legendary Weapon" skill.

Demon Slayer Set

When equipped together with a Demon Slayer Weapon, you will get the following bonuses:
  • [5 items] Spawn Rate +25%
  • [5 items] +100% MaxHP
  • [6 items] +50% EXP
  • [6 items] +75% Damage
  • [6 items] MaxMP +150%
  • [6 items] Attack Speed +50%
  • [6 items] Damage dealt in Endless Dungeon is multiplied by 1.2

Tips and Notes


Demon Slayer armor is the best armor set in game when you reach a certain floor, so have in mind it is very important to have it.

Attack Speed must come from Enhancements.

On the left, you can see one of the highest stats it can get.

When this item levels up to 66 it will have the following (NOTE: DS Armor takes 2,700,000,000 of BA EXP to level up so keep this in mind).

Defense: Random

Attack: +66

Crit. Damage: +13%

Evasion: +22%

MaxHP: +16%


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