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Defend Mission

Defend Mission First Stage
Location Clicking the right arrow in 9001: Mystic Forest
Cost To Enter Free (Defend Key cost was removed in version 1642)
Requirements Equip: Special Wand (Or -99% Damage)
Death High Risk
Reward Moved into Secret Lab
Other based on score
Notes Make sure you have Auto Fight turned OFF for this mission.

On Worst Moon mode, the enemies have a 20% Epic encounter rate - one of the highest in the game for a non-boss location.

The mission requires the player stay alive for 7 minutes with only 100 HP and no defense. By holding the Shift key, the player is able to turn temporarily invulnerable at the cost of not being able to do damage.

There are five stages with different enemies.

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Wave 1 contains 15 aliens these are randomly chosen from: Attacker alien, Defender alien, Healer alien and runner alien.

Wave 2 starts after the 15 aliens have been defeated this wave contains 25 aliens from all the aliens listed above and DON'T ATTACK!!!

Only ONE DON'T ATTACK!!! can spawn per set amount of aliens One between alien 3 to 6 one between alien 8 to 11 one in 12 to 16 one in 17 to 21 and one in 21 to 25.

Wave 3 starts after the 25 aliens have been defeated and contains the super alien

Wave 4 starts after the Super alien is defeated and contains the Alien generator.

Wave 5 starts after the generator is defeated and contains Alien supply crates and sometimes an Alien secret box which heal the player. When the player gets to 200 HP or more the 5th wave ends.

After ending the 5th wave, the player is moved to the Secret Lab.

Each alien killed gives 1 HP (Except for bosses) DON'T ATTACK gives 2, Super alien and Alien generator gives 5 and Alien supply crate and secret box give from 2 to 5 hp depends on how much you have defeated

Only 1 Alien Secret box can spawn per mission and depends on how much HP you have when entering wave 5, having 150 HP sets the spawn chance to 100%.

Strategic information

The damage on this raid is fixed, all weapons except the Special Wand does almost no damage. As defense and attack stats are irrelevant, the Nightmare Buff can be used to greatly increase rewards without any negative consequences.

Quick Attack skill, and passive stats like Critical Chance/Damage and Attack Speed/Double Hit, Boss Damage, Dark Element are all useful ways to increase damage output in this raid. Wearing equipment with Stun chance and/or putting some points into Explosive Attacks may also be useful (specially versus the Super Alien), as it stuns the enemies long enough to finish them off.

Recommendations for each stage:

  1. Go through by simply holding down Quick Attack.
  2. Be careful with DON'T ATTACK enemies, unlike the other aliens, is a boss enemy that spawns directly in front of the player, and explodes when damaged, doing significant damage to him. It's advised to fire only if to enemies spawning at the middle of the screen and disable Auto Fight.
  3. Avoid the Super Alien attacks with invulnerability mode (holding the Shift key).
  4. Avoid the Alien Generator charged laser with invulnerability mode (holding the Shift key).
  5. Go through by simply holding down Quick Attack.

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