Required Rank


Enemy Level Range

100 - 400

Area to the Left

The Sky

Area to the Right

Danger Zone

Number of Enemies




The Deadlands has a dark and desolate background of a desert. It links to The Sky and Danger Zone


Monster Type Level (Casual)
Tree Stump Normal 107
Dark Stump Normal 110
Zombie Stump Normal 112
Green Tree Normal 115
Treeman Boss 135
Mushouse Evolving Normal 127
Mushroom Normal 130
Giant Mushouse Evolving Boss 145
Giant Mushroom Boss 160
Bunnyhead Normal 330
Dark Bunnyhead Normal 340
Earth Worm Normal 350
Spyder Normal 360
Stinky Rat Normal 370
Rat Normal 380
Giant Rat Boss 400
Strange Box Boss 1


As of version 1664f, the evolution chains of Mushouse and Giant Mushouse are incorrect. Instead of Mushouse evolving into Mushroom and Giant Mushouse evolving into Giant Mushroom, the current chain is Mushouse, Giant Mushouse, Forest Spirit.

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