The Dark Ruler

  • Dark Ruler is a special Weapon that can be crafted once you reach level 100 Item Maker Career.
  • Dark Ruler will automatically attack, and a different mana bar will appear instead of your regular mana bar.
  • Dark Ruler comes with a Silence orange Bonus, which cannot be obtained in any other way. It's very useful against enemies such Bombs, because those won't explode if silenced.
  • Dark Ruler damage is affected by your Total Career Level.
  • Dark Ruler range is affected by your Ascension count. (caps at ▲+10 ascensions).

Dark Ruler bars

  • Mana Bar: the new mana bar won't have numbers and your attacks will use more mana than regular ones. Not affected by MaxMP and slightly affected by Mana Regeneration.


  • Enhancement Count: [+2005]
  • Cannot Apply Bonus Rocks.
  • Cannot Fuse.
  • Required Rank: 500
  • Attack: 2005
  • Attack Speed: 10
  • Critical Chance: 20%

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