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The goal of Dark Pyramid is to deal as much damage as possible. Monsters have zero defense as well as zero evade; they are also relatively fragile and low level. This means the most optimal build is one favoring total offense. There are several statistics that influence offensive power, and the most efficient way to combine these stats is an even balance. Proper mixing of stats can easily double or even quadruple a score. The Bonus Preferences feature and the Abandoned Lab are both particularly helpful in obtaining desired item bonuses. It may be helpful to read the crafting page for more information on bonuses or enhancements.


Dark Pyramid drastically reduces your Max Damage, by the following formula.


For details on calculate your Damage, see the Battle Arena Damage Guide

Statistics Guide
Attack Speed
Equipment Attack
Critical Chance
Critical Damage
Double Hit
Non-Boss Damage
Rage Attack
Light Element (Mob Element: Darkness)

Attack Power is the least important statistic because its value is severely reduced. According to non-rigorous tests, a power potion has been estimated to have its attack bonus reduced by around 78%. Nevertheless, while not the highest priority, a better weapon and raising the attack power stat itself through the stat window will improve scores, so it is not a statistic to be entirely neglected.


The optimal ring is one that emphasizes whichever statistics are lacking the most. Looking at the above list of statistics, it can be seen that the speed ring is most effective because it enhances two different statistics significantly. In the less common case that weapon attack speed and double hit are capped, another ring such as the critical ring, which offers a massive 120% critical damage boost, should be considered. The damage boost from the critical ring far exceeds that from the power ring (since attack power effect is reduced and enemies have no armor), and it surpasses the mastery ring as well if critical damage is lower than 267%. Besides, the mastery ring's bonus is likely truncated through use of a mastery potion (see below).

Alternatives to critical ring are mana ring (if you have high base mana), rage ring (increases rage attack and makes capping double hit much easier) and knockback ring (offers a 1,3x damage bonus with melee weapons). The choice depends on your stats.

Potions and alternatives

There are only two potions available emphasizing offense - the power potion and the mastery potion. First of all if your mastery is not capped, a mastery potion is the optimal choice. This will increase damage significantly. If the mastery stat is already nearly capped, then the bonus from the mastery potion will be limited by the cap, and the potion is uselss. In these the power potion will be better because it increases your attack power (however much it is reduced) and dramatically increases your mana and health. Making for better use of mana power and revenge.


Possibly the most ideal weapon is a ranged weapon or polearm. Leveling or enhancing the weapons will help deal more damage but will also grant increases health regeneration severely reducing the power of revenge skill. Having a 10% rage depletion which can be achieved from rage mastery skill and orange bonus is also very useful. This allows one to utilize combo skills like combo power and combo critical.

A secondary weapon for Robacon is also very useful. This weapon should offer Light Element and Non-boss damage bonuses, and optimally attack power or equipment attack as well for purple bonuses. These bonuses are passed on to the character in the Dark Pyramid. Robacon does not use bacon while inside the dark pyramid.

One should not forget the rage attack statistic. Depending on your stats it can be more effective than non-boss damage.

Invisible Ally

In general, any invisible ally emphasizing in order of priority light element, non-boss damage, or critical strike damage is desirable. These also include the Aliens from the 9001: Mystic Forest (zone prior to Defend Mission) and the Defend Mission, where the Explosive Alien notably offers 20% non-boss bonus damage, or the Robaconollitron (or Robroccolaconator) from Foodlandistan which offers 40% critical damage. The Ascendant offers an 50% Non-boss damage. As mentioned above, the Ring of Angry Fire monster from Corruption is a powerful enrage ally. A spirit-type invisible ally will offer the boost buff, but, like enrage, these buffs do not apply when a potion is in effect, so their use is not recommended. More easily acquired invisible allies include any of the invisible allies from the Dark Pyramid itself, one of which should have been obtained after a few runs there. These offer 5% non-boss bonus damage. The best IA's for the dark pyramid are the elite pharaoh/elite mummy (spooky crypt) offering 40% non-boss damage or fairy godmother offering 500% potion efficiency. The latter is only useful if your mana is very high.


Be sure to have everything ready before entering the pyramid, including the correct Invisible Ally, ring, and activated potion. To build Rage beforehand, take off your armor and go to the Mystic Path and drown for a little bit (while being careful not to kill yourself). Once inside, simply activate power attack just before the enemies spawn (note that the spawn rate bonus does effect the initial spawn time, but nothing else afterward). Hold down your attack for the entire duration of the fight, briefly swapping attacks to Combo Strike or use a Charge attack to keep your rage up. If mana power is available, it can be used to add even more damage to attacks; however, it is recommended to increase maximum mana skills and use a power potion in this case.

If you are going for maximum kills, use Quick Attack instead. This gives the most hits per second, meaning the most kills per second.

Finally, be sure to use Pixel Throw and Roundhouse Kick abilities whenever possible - there is no penalty for using them!

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