Dark Portal
Dark Portal
Image of Dark Portal

Required Rank


Level Range


Area to the upper left

Volcano Peak

Area to the bottom left

Secret Beach

Area to the upper right

Frosty Zone

Area to the bottom right

Scary Graveyard

Area(s) to the top

Ropeless Room

# of enemies




The Dark Portal is the connecting room of 6 other areas: the Danger Zone, Ropeless Room, Frosty Zone, Volcano Peak, Scary Graveyard, and Secret Beach. However, if you don't decide quickly (in 10 seconds) The Guardian will appear. He can easily kill low level or rank players, so using protection ring when going to the Dark Portal for the first time is advised.


The arrow to the Secret Beach is nearly invisible.  You can find it at your character's feet.

Even though most people get to the Dark Portal through the Danger Zone, the player will not be able to go back to the Danger Zone directly. The player will need to go through Ropeless Room (The arrow pointing up) or pass through Scary Graveyard in order to get back to the Danger Zone.