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Triangle Dummy-->

Dark Mage
Dark Mage as it appears in the bestiary

Enemy Number



4000 (5200 Hardcore)


Pirate Ship

Art By


Dark Mage (Casual)
Health 2,080,000,000 Element Dark

 (weak to Light)

Attack 160,000 Speed 32% screen/s
Magic Attack 200,000 Heal 41,600,000
Defense 4,070,000 Explode -
Accuracy 28,000 Rampage -
Evasion 28,000 Special Weaken
Experience 35,000 Boss This monster is a boss.
Coins 5,650 Zombie This monster is not an undead.
Pixels 21,500 Death This monster doesn't spawn anything upon death.
Dark Mage (Hardcore)
Health 5,200,000,000 Element Dark (weak to light)
Attack 192,000 Speed 32% screen/s
Magic Attack 240,000 Heal 41,600,000
Defense 8,140,000 Explode No
Accuracy 42,000 Rampage 50% HP left
Evasion 42,000 Special Weaken
Experience 43,750 Boss Yes
Coins 7,062 Zombie No
Pixels 32,250 Death No

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