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Corrupted Giant Treeman

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Corrupted giant treeman
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The Corrupted Giant Treeman is an epic boss monster. It is found in the Corruption with the Invisible X invisible ally or the Worst Moon Gem equipped. It has 100 billion HP, and it has to be defeated within 30 minutes.

The Corrupted Giant Treeman is very difficult to defeat because it can apply long-duration debuffs and heal itself very quickly.

The Corrupted Giant Treeman's HP is shown in a purple bar at the top of the screen, instead of the normal Corruption monster stat indicator bars.

When facing the Corrupted Giant Treeman, players will slowly take increasing amounts of damage due to Asphyxia.

Getting the corrupted giant treeman to spawn

To get the Corrupted Giant Treeman to spawn, one must first acquire the Invisible X ally. Killing invisible X's in 2012 Ye Olde Pub is relatively safe, but Chuck Norris means that idling is impossible except for the very elite. After obtaining the Invisible X ally, go to the normal Ye Olde Pub when the time is XX:15 or XX:45, with the Invisible X ally equipped. Clicking the Corruption button will not lead to the normal Corruption, but a special version of the Corruption where the Corrupted Giant Treeman will spawn.

An alternative method is using the Worst Moon Gem, which is available for 50,000 Superior Crafting Material, 500 million Crafting Material, and 5 billion Pixels (400 mil and 4 bil, respectively, with Level 100 Item Maker Career). This way, one can activate Worst Moon mode without occupying their Invisible Ally Slot, allowing one to choose which ally they can bring.


The Corrupted Giant Treeman gains new abilities based on how much damage it has sustained.

90% or less HP: Shield: becomes immune to all damage
80% or less HP: Potion block: drains all mana and spirit, stuns for 3 seconds, potion blocks for 30 seconds, and deals 250000 true damage
70% or less HP: Thunder: drains all mana and spirit, stuns for 3 seconds, weaken, blind and zombify for 30 seconds, and deals 1,000,000 true damage
60% or less HP: SOAP: soaps for 30 seconds and deals 250,000 true damage
50% or less HP: Heal: heals 1% of it’s missing HP and removes poison, blind and weaken
40% or less HP: Icicle: deals 750000 true damage, and applies poison, weaken and slow for 30 seconds, and stun for 5 seconds.

It won’t use a status effect spell if there’s at least 5 seconds of corresponding status time. Also It won’t use thunder on you if you’re potion blocked, and also won’t use potion block on you if you’re zombified.


The corrupted giant treeman is very difficult to defeat. There are many reasons for this.

The first reason is that it can only be defeated with the Invisible X invisible ally (which activates Worst Moon mode). This decreases your damage output by a large amount, makes critical hits useless, but also reduces your HP.

It's attacks deal true damage, which means that damage reduction/resistance is useless. However, the damage portion of its attacks can be dodged, but the status effects cannot. Furthermore, Icicle + Thunder deals 1750000 true damage, Zombify + Slow makes healing difficult, and poisons you, which can be fatal.

It can cast endless stats effects, especially when it's HP is low. Periods of time when your attacks are at full power are quite rare, and due to the time limit, there might not be enough time.


The corrupted giant treeman gives 20 million base EXP when killed (multiplied by EXP bonuses and boosts). This is the highest amount of EXP given by a battle arena monster. It also gives the 2nd highest coins at 4 million (CHAOS gives 6 million coins) and the most amount of pixels (7 million)

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