Censor Ship

Required Rank


Enemy Level Range


Area to the Left

The Beach (not Pirate Ship Interior)

Number of Enemies




Censor Ship is one of the Battle Arena zones that have monsters. It can be reached through the Pirate Ship Interior.

There are only two monsters which spawn here, Monster (#438, Level 6500, normal) and Censor Sheep (#439, Level 7000, boss, rarely spawn). All monsters here can throw SOAP (Part of the screen is censored, and you cannot see your HP, MP, Rage and status effects).

Defeat monster have a chance to drop Censor Armor (Rank 300, pre-enhanced to -3, no stats) and defeat Censor Sheep have a chance to drop Censor Sword (Rank 300, pre-enhanced to -3, cannot fuse, max level 9, attack ~800, attack speed 12, critical chance 15%).

Area Information

Safe Area No
Underwater No
Base Spawn Rate 4.5 seconds
Base IA Drop Rate 1%
Area Rare Rate 1%
Area Epic Rate 0.5% (2.5% in Worst Moon)

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