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Censor Sheep
Censor Sheep

Censor Sheep as she appears in the bestiary

Bestiary Number



7000 (9001 in Hardcore)


Censor Ship

Art by


Battle Arena Monsters
438 Monster
439 Censor Sheep
440 Corrupted Giant Treeman
441 Robaconolitron

Censor Sheep is a powerful boss monster found in the Censor Ship. It is also one of the most useful Invisible Allies in the game. Censor Sheep has a 2% chance to spawn instead of Monster.

Enemy Stats

Casual Hardcore
Level 7000 9001
HP 6,000,000,000 21,000,000,000
Attack 1,500,000 2,250,000
Magic Attack 8,000,000 12,000,000
Defense 14,000,000 28,000,000
Accuracy 660,000 990,000
Evasion 450,000 675,000
EXP 1,000,000 1,500,000
Coin 100,000 150,000
Pixel 200,000 300,000
Rampage 100% HP left 100% HP left
Special Throw Soap Throw Soap
Heal -
Explode -
Speed 38% screen / sec
Element None
Boss This monster is a boss.
Undead This monster is not an undead.
Death This monster doesn't spawn anything upon death.

Invisible Ally Stats

Passive Abilities



Ultra Effect

Hit Chance +60% +60%
Dodge Chance +60% +60%
Negate Effect +60% +60%

Active Abilities

Ability Effect Cooldown
Attack: Blind Damage: 800%, 8s blind 22 sec.
Heal Damage: 400%, 50% chance to silence 11 sec.
Buff: Invincibility Duration 20 sec. 90 sec.


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