The card screen as of version 1746

Cards are one of Anti-Idle's most powerful tools, as they augment certain features from both the main game and its various sub-games. You can collect them from Legendary Boxes, which cost 5,000 Bluecoin-template in the shop, can be obtained from quests or Gambler's Boxes, and can also be purchased from the Quests Special Shop for 1,000 Quest Tokens or 1,000 Event Tokens, if available. Cards last 24 hours when activated, except for the 1.5x EXP/Coin cards, which lasts 3 hours. Additional cards can be used to extend the duration, up to 100 hours. Cards of the same type can also be traded in for a Legendary Box, with varying ratios. Card effect time doesn't get wasted while offline.

Card prices and description

Card Name Duration Ability Legendary Box Ratio
1.5x EXP 3 hours Increases EXP gain by 1.5x. 2
1.5x Coin 3 hours Increases Coin gain by 1.5x. 2
Idlebot 24 hours Automatically turns Idle Mode On/Off at 50% progress when idling for 15 seconds or interacting with the game. 5
Auto Harvest 24 hours Harvests trees automatically for you. 5
Battery Charger 24 hours Charges printer battery automatically at the rate of 10 charges per 5 seconds. 5
Demand Master 24 hours Makes the LolMarket 30% more likely to add or subtract demand values meeting your needs. 5
Quick Adventures 24 hours -50% waiting time for Adventures. 5
Invincibility Stars 24 hours Adds 200% to the button multiplier, makes the button harder to break, and increases likeliness of obtaining boxes from breaking the button. 10
Stadium Pro 24 hours Increases EXP/Coin gain from the Stadium by 50% and doubles Stadium Token gain. 10
FCG Power User 24 hours Increases TG EXP gain from TukkunFCG by 50% and doubles FCG cash gain. 10
Elite Fisher 24 hours Increases EXP gain from Fishing by 50% and increases chance of catching better fish or junk and greatly increases chance to catch Mystery Boxes. 10

Special Notes

  • Red trees are one of the best trees for Auto Harvest.  The more plots you have, the more efficient the use of this card is.
  • Idlebot cards can slow down reward collection when anti-idling, but speed it up while idling.  They are superfluous on Idler Appreciation Day.  At the end of the day, they'll put the progress bar in idle mode if you're idling and anti-idle mode otherwise.
  • Quick Adventures card does not stack the effect of the Adventurer career, which still takes a second off per level.
  • The Special Shop allows you to activate all cards (except 1.5x cards) for an additional 24 hours in exchange for quest or event tokens.