• AURA is a special Weapon awarded by scoring at least 3,500 in Secret Dungeon.
  • AURA will automatically attack, and 3 bars will appear instead of your regular skills.
  • AURA attacks quicker than any other weapon, dealing 1000~2000% damage.
  • AURA doesn't work well with Hit Chance, so it's recommended to enhance it with 15 level 12 (identified level 10 mystery enhancers) Accuracy enhancers (total 180% accuracy pre-finalize).

AURA bars

  • Recovery bar: goes up automatically, goes down when you get hit.
  • Power bar: goes down automatically. goes up when you attack the enemy and it doesn't die.
    • Increases damage dealt by AURA's attacks.
  • Special bar: goes up when you successfully hit an enemy.
    • Unleashes a powerful attack when full, similar to Roundhouse Kick, filling your Rage meter to 100% and empties the bar.


  • Required Rank: 318
  • Cannot Fuse.
  • Attack Speed: 100
  • Sells for: 10,000,000 Pixels

Status Effects

AURA will keep attacking at full speed even if you are stunned or slowed, which makes it a good option against Corrupted Giant Treeman.

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