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CHAOS as it appears in the bestiary

Enemy Number



9,001 (9,001 Hardcore)


Secret Dungeon

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CHAOS is the last enemy in the Secret Dungeon, and spawns when Chaos dies. CHAOS is the strongest monster in the Secret Dungeon.

Monster Stats

Since CHAOS can only be fought in Secret Dungeon (excluding the ULTRA fight), CHAOS stats and rewards are affected by the amount of chests opened. 

Casual Hardcore
Level 9001 9001
HP 26,666,666,666 93,333,333,331
Attack 1,800,000 2,700,000
Magic Attack 1,600,000 2,400,000
Defense 60,000,000 120,000,000
Accuracy 60,000 90,000
Evasion 45,000 67,500
EXP* 2,500,000 3,750,000
Coin* 250,000 375,000
Pixel* 1,000,000 1,500,000
Rampage 100% HP left 100% HP left
Special Chaos Chaos
Heal On average, this monster heals 346,666,666 HP every 2.5 sec
Explode -
Speed 19% screen / sec 24% screen / sec
Element None
Boss This monster is a boss.
Undead This monster is not an undead.
Death This monster doesn't spawn anything upon death.

Invisible Ally Stats

Passive Abilities



Ultra Effect

Exp +60% +150%
Coin +60% +150%
Pixel +60% +150%
Damage vs Bosses +60% +150%
Ignore Defense - +50%

Active Abilities

Ability Effect Cooldown
Attack: Ignore Defense Damage: 1500% 11 sec.
Buff: Elemental Boost Duration 30 sec. 80 sec.
Produce Loot: Rare Item - 60 sec.


CHAOS is always Epic

Secret Dungeon Chests and Their Relation to CHAOS

CHAOS' difficulty scales with the amount of chests one opens in a Secret Dungeon run. There are ten chests total in  SD, and for every two chests opened, starting at the fourth, CHAOS gains a new aura. His four auras are as follows:

  • Four chests - Blue Aura - All damage dealt to CHAOS is reduced to 1.
  • Six chests - Green Aura - All damage dealt to CHAOS is ignored and instead heals CHAOS for double the power.
  • Eight chests - Red Aura - CHAOS deals double damage to the player. All attacks deal at least 666,666 damage (before rest bonuses)
  • Ten chests - Black Aura - Any time CHAOS is damaged, the player loses 30% of their current HP.

All auras last for roughly five seconds.

In addition to the auras, EACH chest opened adds:

  • 60% HP
  • 20% Attack
  • 20% Defense
  • 10% Accuracy
  • 10% Evasion
  • 15% Damage from his ranged attack
  • 30% EXP Reward
  • 30% Coin Reward
  • 30% Pixel Reward
  • 1 second of duration for status effects given

(Note: These stack additively, not multiplicatively.)

Recommendations on defeating CHAOS

There are many ways to beat CHAOS, and thus there can be no altogether "formalized" entry on how to beat him. However, there are some recommendations that can be made:

  • It is recommended that you do have a full 90% Damage Resist (or very close to that, no more than 5% less). One should also try to keep his Mastery at a fairly high percentage, between 90-95%, because the closer the Minimum and Maximum damage are, one can inflict harder hits more consistently.
  • The recommended Invisible Ally for the attempt is ?????, due to its attack which drops enemy accuracy by 20% (the attack stacks, so multiple accuracy reductions are possible).
  • Due to the nature of the boss' damage resistance (believed to be 99%) and a natural predisposition to inflict as much damage as possible, ring choice will, of course, be limited. The best choice of rings would be either the Ring of Cruelty (assists in destroying the Normal Room monsters faster because of the insta-death chance, and 120% boss damage still applies to CHAOS and all other boss rooms) or the ring of rage (rage damage/speed is always useful).
  • Critical Chance, Double hit and speed should be capped.

Altogether, most of the "percentage stats," the ones on the stat page that are measured in percentage, should be kept well-balanced and at their peak when attempting CHAOS.