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The current Button Machine

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Yellow Coins, Green Coins, Blue Coins, Boost, Experience, Mystery Boxes


The Button Machine is a large orange button that will: 1. Give rewards and 2. Move about a millimeter on your screen when clicked.

This article is up to date as of Version 1825.

Button Interface

The button has a multiplier that will slowly increase as you click based on the how close each click is to the center (e.g. hit, good, nice, great, excellent, and perfect). The closer to the middle of the button, the better your multiplier is and the more rewarding the click is.

The button also has a combo that increases based on the type of click. Each tier of click adds that tier's value to the combo: 1 for Hit, 2 for Good, 3 for Nice, 4 for Great, 5 for Excellent, and 6 for Perfect. If you miss the button(causing a large,red MISS to appear), or stop for long enough, your combo will reset to zero.



The base multiplier is 100%.

Holding Shift will automatically press the button for you, but drops the multiplier by 40% from most sources.

Name Multiplier Increase Cap Permanent
Total Clicks Sqrt(TotalClicks/2) 12,500,000 (2,500%) Yes
Bought Increase 2% Per Buy 1200% extra Yes
Daily Clicks Sqrt(Daily Clicks) 250,000(500%) No
Hit Combo Sqrt(Combo*10) 25,000(500%) No
Invincibility Stars Card 200% (Not dropped by 40% when holding shift) 1 Card/200% No


  • Experience and Yellow Coins for each click based on level and percentage multiplier.
  • Green Coins for Nice or higher clicks: 10 for Nice, 50 for Great, 250 for Excellent, and 1000 for Perfect.
  • For every perfect click, you get a Purple Button, +1% all boosts, and 2 Bluecoin-template.
  • For every other excellent click, you get 1 Bluecoin-template.
  • For some reason, your rewards are drastically lowered after 250,000 clicks in one day or with more than 15 perfect clicks in a row.

Breaking the Button

The button has a certain amount of health, which is depleted by clicking.  Clicking more accurately depletes the health less quickly.  When the health is fully depleted, the button will break and can no longer be clicked.  The background will turn red when the button is about to break, and will display a message and disappear when it does break. You are charged coins to repair it.

Combo and multiplier will not reset or lower if you break your button but if you are a button masher you may end up clicking the broken button giving you a miss.  If you are more careful you may be able to quickly fix your button with your combo and multiplier intact.

You can repair the button when it is about to break, although the cost for this is 10 times higher than if you were to repair the button when it is already broken. SPOILER! (Mouse over)

Breaking the button will reward you with Mystery Box(es) based on your score on the button that broke.

The following chart shows the score required to receive each box.  Score is similar to combo, except that repairing the button will reset the current score (not shown on the Button Machine Interface) but not the current combo.

Score Reward
0-750 No chance at a box
751-1500 (button score/7.5 – 100)% chance at an Explosion Crate
1501-3000 A guaranteed Explosion Crate, (button score/15 – 100)% chance at an Awesome Crate
3001-6000 A guaranteed Explosion Crate and Awesome Crate, (button score/30 – 100)% chance at a Chaos Crate
6001-12000 A guaranteed Explosion Crate, Awesome Crate and Chaos Crate, (button score/60 – 100)% chance at a Legendary Box
12001-19999 A guraranteed Explosion Crate, Awesome Crate, Chaos Crate and Legendary Box

No reward(!).

Unless your score is over 20,000, you will also receive 1 White coin per 500 score (rounded up).

Button Shop

You can only spend Purple Buttons in here.


The button shop is a place where you spend Purple Buttons, a Button Machine currency earned by getting perfect clicks. The number of purple buttons you currently have is displayed at the bottom of the screen, near the shop button.

For Sale

Cost Item
250 Purple Buttons Regular Boost Potion
500 Purple Buttons 2x Button Machine Reward (2000 clicks)
200 Purple Buttons +2% Multiplier (Capped at +1200%)

Tips and Tricks

Button machine

An older post-Explosion version of the Button. Notice the horizontal container.

If you want to get a considerable amount of clicks but don't want to murder your finger, here's a trick to not give you carpal tunnel or RSI.


Even older Button Machine. Notice you cannot miss and the button moves slightly faster.

What you want to do is hover your mouse over the button, but do not click. All you have to do is hold down the [Shift], and move the mouse along the button as it moves. The downside to this is that the multiplier decreases by 40% while using this method. For example, if you had a multiplier of 500%, it will decrease to 300% when you use the Shift method. However, it will still increase; it also increases your non-Shift multiplier as you go.


  • Permanent ascension perk#24 increases the amount of EXP Button Machine can give by 80/120/200%, depending on the level of the perk. This requires 2/6/32 Medium Permanent Perk Points, depending on level.
  • Permanent ascension perk #18 gives Excellent clicks a 50/75/100% chance to award a purple button, and for level 2+ version, it gives Perfect Clicks a 25/100% chance to give 2 purple buttons, rather than 1. This requires 2/6/32 Permanent Perk Points, depending on level.


Since v1665, you can purchase Grandpas (paid with Purple Buttons), which click the Button for you.

You can upgrade the following abilities:

  • Speed - Increases the Grandpas' clicking speed, paid with Coins.
  • Accuracy - Increases chance of getting more accurate clicks, paid with Coins.
  • Discipline - Increases both speed and accuracy when you're not viewing the Button Machine screen, paid with Green Coins.

Note: They will give full rewards to you, but they cannot increase the click combo or move and break the button.

Grandpa Cost (Purple Button) Grandpa Cost (Purple Button)
1 4 11 16,812
2 24 12 24,980
3 98 13 36,930
4 288 14 55,012
5 682 15 83,650
6 1,396 16 131,392
7 2,578 17 215,010
8 4,416 18 367,700
9 7,155 19 655,482
10 11,125 20 1,210,000

Speed/Accuracy/Discipline Level Cost (Coin-template for Speed/Accuracy) Cost (Greencoin-template for Discipline)
2 3,000,000 3,000
3 15,000,000 15,000
4 75,000,000 75,000
5 300,000,000 300,000
6 1,500,000,000 1,500,000
7 7,500,000,000 7,500,000
8 30,000,000,000 30,000,000
9 150,000,000,000 150,000,000
10 750,000,000,000 750,000,000
11 3,000,000,000,000 3,000,000,000