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At Level 1000, a new area is highlighted on the world menu (not the World Map) called "Business".

There you will find a list of 'businesses' just like the list of Careers, but you can activate any one business at no cost.

Once activated, you'll see a 'performance' meter, a timer, and a button to 'claim rewards.' Business performance is increased by the same activities that award career experience for the corresponding Careers. When you feel you've done enough, and wish to move on to another Business, click 'claim rewards' to gain Exp, Coins, Career Exp, and a little sumpin-sumpin unique to each business.

If you choose a business that corresponds to a career currently blessed, your business performance will be doubled just as your career exp is doubled. Furthermore, while your career is blessed, claiming business rewards will double the career exp gain from the rewards. This makes it a good idea to bless careers using a Mega Career Potion before you claim a large reward.

The performance bar is logarithmic, to make it easier to tell when you've reached a new reward level:

  • blue - 1,000 performance
    Business screen
    RamdonpersonAdded by Ramdonperson
  • green - 10,000 performance
  • yellow - 100,000 performance
  • orange - 1,000,000 performance

The performance bar maxes out at 100,000,000 ; claim your reward before then.

Another thing to note is that the calculations for the business activity score, given by "business score = (activity^0.97*10 + on^0.9*4 + off^0.7) * (on/(off+18800)) * (act/(on+1800)) / 15". This means that (1) your business gains activity score even when you're not doing anything but also that (2) you start gaining less activity score for actually working on the business the longer your business is turned on. (1) is supposed to offset (2), but only if you're constantly and actively working on your business.

The upshot is that the longer your business is turned on, the slower your gains will be, loosely speaking. Therefore, consider working on your businesses in bursts (immediately after you activate it) as opposed to turning it on and working on it over an extended period of time.


Each business has an extra reward, based on whether your performance score is 1k, 10k, 100k or 1 million. The reward tiers are cumulative, so having a business performance of 1 million will also award you the 100k, 10k and 1k rewards. The 1k reward is also increased a little at each new reward tier, so the 1k reward at 16k performance will be more than double what you'd get for 8k performance.

Business >1,000 >10,000 >100,000 >1,000,000
Idler Insta-Progresses Temporary Boosts Temporary Elite Boosts Cards
Gardener Garden Points, Garden Experience, Harvest Count Randomfruit Mega-Fertilizer Autoharvest Cards
Fighter Battle Arena Experience Pixels Buff Crystal Loot Magnet
Item Maker Crafting Material OR Enhancer Fragments Superior Crafting Material OR Crystals of Rarity Unobtainium OR Ultimate Crystals of Rarity Armor Unique Enhancer OR Mystery Enhancer Identifiers OR Weapon Unique Enhancers
Button Perfect Clicks, Purple Buttons Explosion Crates OR Awesome Crates Chaos Crates OR Legendary Boxes Invincibility Stars Cards
Arcade 100k medals
& total score for all games1
New highscore2 in one of:
Balance 3
Triangle Count
New highscore2 in one of:
Ultimate avoidance
Math Master
Stadium Tokens
& Simple Races completed
& Item Fights completed
& Death Matches completed
More PWNts3 Stadium Pro cards
TukkunFCG FCG cash
& wins against each level4 up to 7
& FCG experience
Upgraded Code Fu
OR upgraded mystery cards
OR Upgraded Awesome Faces
LolMarket green coins
& profit
Demand Master cards (>75 career)
Adventurer Reputation5 Special pet food Energy Refills Quick Adventures cards
Pet Trainer Randomfruit
OR Bacon (Broccoli)
Special pet food Regular pet food
OR Elite pet food
(100k reward is always elite pet food)
Fisher fishing mastery
& catches
Elite energy drinks
OR Elite pet food
Golden Keys
OR Golden Boxes
highest streak
& either Fertilizers, Energy Refills or Mega-Fertilizers
1: except mute-mute-revolution
2: if the awarded high score is less than your current high score, there is no effect.  High scores are
    Pong 1.5m, UA 600k, MM 700k, WaG 375k, Mindsweeper 1.5m, B3 2.5m, TC 2.7m
3: only if your highest PWNts score is between 250-750
4: except level 5 because that's for PvP
5: if you have reputation <-50, you will gain negative reputation instead


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