Boost raises the effectiveness of three major elements of Anti-Idle: The Game: the rate at which the progress bar advances, the experience earned from all sources, and the yellow coins earned from all sources. The Boost multiplier is applied directly on all three, with a minimum multiplier of 100% and a maximum of 6000%. The experience multiplier is applied to only AI:TG experience. Battle Arena and Tukkun FCG experience are unaffected. Likewise, green coin, blue coin, white coin and pixel gain are unaffected by boost.

Boost can be raised in the Boost Generator, up to a cap. This cap starts at 500% and can be raised up to 2400%, with the following upgrades:

  • Can be upgraded 22 times (14 times for impossible ascensions) in the Boost Generator for +50% each.
  • Dragon Boost adds directly to the Boost Generator limit, with a cap of 300%.
  • The first five ascensions add 100% boost to the Boost Generator limit, each.

There are three boost limits:

  • The one from the Boost Generator, which is how much you will have if you have a full blue bar.
  • 1.5 times the Boost Generator limit, which is how much you will have if you have a full yellow bar.
  • 2.5 times the Boost Generator limit, which is how much you will have if you have a full purple bar.

Boost percentage steadily degrade over time due to the presence of Ants, until 100%. When above the yellow limit, a lot more ants will appear.

You win boost every time you gain some AI:TG experience and coins, with a minimum of 0.05 and 0.01 respectively. Many other features can give boost. Combining this with how ants work, your boost usually hovers around your Boost Generator limit. With the boost charger epic skill your boost usually hovers above it.

Boost can be increased and frozen for 45 seconds by using Regular Boost Potions and Mega Boost Potions.

  • Regular Boost Potions set your Boost to 1.5x your Boost Generator limit.
  • Mega Boost Potions set your Boost to 2.5x your Boost Generator limit.

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