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Book of Wisdom

[kongregate_username] has discovered [number of speeches discovered] speeches of wisdom from feeding the Dragon of Wisdom [number of times fed] times.

These speeches of wisdom are written in this book.

1. "I was last updated in version 1742."

2. "YOU LOST THE GAME. And I didn't, because I'm immune to 'THE GAME'. Anyway, you lost the game."

3. "You can press CTRL + S to view your stats."

4. "If you use a MAC, use CMD key instead of CTRL for stuff!"

5. "My chat bubbles last for only 10 seconds. Listen... I mean, read quickly!"

6. "You need to pay Coins to feed me. But since you fed me just recently, you clearly know that."

7. "The more you feed me, the more it costs to do so. But don't worry, the cost will reset tomorrow."

8. "I think I've been brainwashed recently... Why don't I remember anything?"

9. "I know lots of information! Well, I used to..."

10. "According to Tukkun, I will soon be updated with new information! I wonder if that's true?..."

11. "The Sword of Ascendant is now permanent! Just feed me 1,000 times, and it's yours, forever!"

12. "I think I've been brainwashed recently... Why don't I remember anything?"

13. "Backup your savefile frequently! You can see the main menu for help with backing up your savefile."

14. "If you‘re reading this, you should immediately backup your savefile. Don‘t lose your data!"

15. "This whole game is free to play and win! How awesome is that?"

16. "If you really like this game, how about pressing the Donate button in the main menu to make a donation? After all, this game has no premium content, you know!"

17. "I‘m supposed to tell you useful information when you feed me, but I‘m temporarily out of service..."

18. "Hello! I am the Dragon if Wis- wait, I think I have introduced myself already..."

19. "o hai thar!"

20. "I exist thanks to someone named 'theyareclose'. He designed me. He is awesome!"

21. " 'Dragon‘, you say? I‘m just a picture attached on a wall. Dragons don‘t exist. Or maybe they do."

22. "Wisdom isn't the only thing I provide!"

23. "Feed me to gain rewards! I‘ll give you something every time you fill the Feeding Reward Bar over there."

24. "I know a lot of things you don‘t know. Trust me!"

25. "Some of the information I provide is really useful. This one clearly isn't though. Better luck next time."

26. "This game is updated pretty frequently, and I rarely keep up with updates. What I say might be outdated."

27. "I hope I won‘t be removed in a future update. I mean, I miss the Bonus B... wait, I didn't even exist at that time! How come I know?"

28. "Sorry to tell you, but you have just wasted some Coins for nothing useful in return."

29. "All dragons eat money. My personal favorite treat is Coins that are colored yellow, and I eat over 90 trillion of those per day. Seriously."

30. "Other than Coins, I also love Grammar Pills. They are awesome."

31. "I have trouble thinking of useful stuff to say, so I often repeat stuff I have already said. Hope you don‘t mind.

32. "Don‘t forget. Triangles PWN everything."

33. "An enneachiliakaihenagon is a hexagon with OVER 9000 sides!"

34. "Triangles PWN enneachiliakaihenagons.

35. "You are playing ‚Anti-Idle: The Game‘, a game created by Tukkun for Kongregate only!"

36. "I wish Tukkun didn't program me to say stuff at all. Despite all the Coins I get, I feel really exhausted."

37. "I usually tell things you already know though."

38. "That 'Tukkun' or so never agrees to learn ActionScript 3! I wonder what‘s so bad about it?"

39. "Someone called 'dragonewyn' or so created the world map. I don‘t think he‘s a dragon though.

40. "This game has an invisible badge! I was wandering around when I saw five weird-looking shapes. I hit the right-most one and gained a Kongregate point!"

41. "Who needs badges anyway!"

42. "You can log in to Kongregate to receive additional rewards, it seems."

43. "Don‘t you think Kongregate points are pointless? But still, they‘re called 'points‘. I wonder why."

44. "'The EXPlosion‘ update sure did take long to arrive."

45. "Existing late does help. I don‘t have to get used to changes."

46. "I love inflation. Thanks to inflation, I have more Coins to eat."

47. "Actually, I don‘t know that much..."

48. "I steal all of those Kreds donated to Tukkun and eat them. You think if you donate Kreds to this game, he will receive it? YOU ARE WRONG!!!"

49. "Those messages in the preloader are pretty funny, too."

50. "The release of ‚The EXPlosion‘ update caused 273,942 meaningless units of rage in the first day."

51. "Erm... these Coins, they are for me, right? Om nom nom nom nom!"

52. "Too bad, there isn't an option to feed me without making me say something. Blah blah blah~"

53. "At least, I‘m good at spelling. I NEVR MISPELL WORDS!"

54. "Everyone has a life... some people even have three lives."

55. "Believe."

56. "It‘s hard to think of something interesting to tell you..."

57. "Do you know something I don‘t? Tell me in the comment section or forums, and I will steal your knowledge without permission. Probably."

57. "This is getting repetitive..."

58. "Although I‘m from Mars, I can speak human language! Isn't it awesome?"

59. "The 'official' abbreviation of this game‘s name is 'A: TG', although 'AI: TG' and 'AI' are more commonly used by players."

60. "The 'AI' on that shield below there stands for 'Artificial Intelligence'. The shield is automatically controlled somehow, it seems."

61. "Please, try your best not to touch anything here except the 'Feed' button. Use everything else at your own risk."

62. "I spend 25 hours a day reading the forums. Isn't it funny how people keep asking questions that are clearly stated in the FAQ?"

63. "Aren't those yellow Coins useless? That‘s why you should feed me even more! Just kidding, Insta-Progress is epic, too. Feeding me is just as important though."

64. "What was I trying to say... uh, never mind."

65. "How about YOU tell ME something interesting?"

66. "Yellow Coins are good for digestion."

67. "Everyone says they want their house back, but nobody wants to rebuild it..."

68. "I got nothing."

69. "We are not able to process your payment using your Anti-Idle account at this time."

70. "Error Code #10417 -- Your request could not be processed at this time."

71. "I‘m on a boat!"

72. "I know the pieces fit, because I watched them fall apart."

73. "Hello again."

74. "Just think of feeding me as an investment."

75. "Reached Coin limit? FEED ME SOME MORE!!!"

76. "*insert funny joke here*"

77. "*insert another funny joke here*"

78. "*insert outdated meme here*"

79. "Hey, HEY! Are you listening?"

80. "I've actually taste-tested all the type of Coins. Yellow ones are the best!"

81. "I heard you get a very special screen if you take the sword here, somewhere else in the game..."

82. "Nobody ever idles on this screen! Well, except some people."

83. "I would decorate this cave, but all my saving get eaten. Mostly by me."

84. "Do you think eating these Coins make me look fat?"

85. "I used to love Tower Defense games, but then I Tukkun Anti-Idle in the knee."

86. "Which do you think is harder, level 10 opponent in TukkunFCG or THE MEGABOSS?"

87. "You‘re feeding me for a reason."

88. "If you feed me again, I‘ll tell your fortune."

89. "I got all these intriguing sayings from a topic on the game‘s forum."

90. "I‘m NOT the one who destroyed your house!"

91. "Yellow coins are lemon-flavored, not banana."

92. "I need some new boots... maybe the river has some?"

93. "Fishing takes place on another planet. That‘s why you don‘t see it in the World Map."

94. "I was going to say an outdated meme, but then I took an arrow in the... oh wait, I‘m a dragon."

95. "I used to spew outdated memes, then I realized it was only 8,500 aileron rolls for lunch in Athens."

96. "The game is still loading its 0 gigabytes of music."

97. "Shouldn't the Battle Arena character be really tired? I mean, he never sleeps, right?"

98. "This rock I am on is where the first yellow coins were made. I ate them, naturally."

99. "What I‘m saying doesn't even make sense."

100. "I‘m a dragon!"

101. "Losing is Fun! Wait, that‘s a different game. They never have coins for me, that‘s why I live here now."

102. "I hate having to think of something to say whenever I receive Coins. I love Coins though."

103. "I heard Green Coins are just regular ones painted green. Blue Coins aren't regular ones painted blue though, that‘s why they are so rare."

104. "Have you noticed that the Anti-Idle logo in the very first screen is different every time you see it?"

105. "I was taking a walk in the World Map (how can you walk in a map anyway?) last night and saw something... scary... Have you seen it?"

106. "The binary in Binary Battlefield means 'Anti-Idle'."

107. "The Dragon Cave itself is a dragon."

108. "People kill my brothers and sisters in the Dragon Cave... I hate those people."

110. "Your name is spelled '[kongregate_username]'. See? I'm good at spelling!"

111. "This is an opinion, not a fact."

112. "Achievements used to be gem-shaped. I miss those days..."

113. "There used to be only 75 achievements. Look at how many there are now!"

114. "That newbie tutorial was so easy. It only required claiming 5 rewards!"

115. "Backup your savefile frequently! I really mean it."

116. "Never forget to backup your savefile."

117. "I repeat, always remember to backup your savefile!

118. "I wonder how Randomfruits look like?"

119. "Actually, Ant Sprayers are supposed to generate ants. Isn't it ironic?"

120. "Need more help? Press F1! It's important in many cases."

121. "... zzz..."

122. "You notice that sword below there? It has like 900 Attack and 14 Speed or so. Too bad, it's forbidden in the Battle Arena."

123. "If only there were (or should it be 'was'?) a way to pixelate that sword below there... or something else..."

124. "Actually, I do know of a way to bring that sword below there to the Battle Arena."

125. "That sword below there is really heavy... only those who are Rank 200 or higher in the Battle Arena are powerful enough to wield it."

126. "You cannot take that sword below there because of a seal... or so. But the seal can be broken easily if you feed me some more!!!"

127. "Even if you take that sword below there, you will still see the sword. That is an image drawn to mislead people, especially newbies."


(... you actually read all this?)

NOTE: Some info in the book is outdated, don't trust it as a relevant source

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