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Bishop as it appears in the bestiary

Enemy Number



3700 (4810 Hardcore)


Pirate Ship

Art By


Bishop (Casual)
Health 110,000,000 Element Light
Attack 233,000 Speed 32% screen/s
Magic Attack 279,600 Heal 11,000,000
Defense 2,250,000 Explode No
Accuracy 17,200 Rampage No
Evasion 17,200 Special No
Experience 6,500 Boss No
Coins 1,050 Zombie No
Pixels 4,000 Death No
Bishop (Hardcore)
Health 275,000,000 Element Light
Attack 279,600 Speed 32% screen/s
Magic Attack 335,520 Heal 11,000,000
Defense 4,500,000 Explode No
Accuracy 25,800 Rampage 50% HP left
Evasion 25,800 Special Random
Experience 8,125 Boss No
Coins 1,312 Zombie No
Pixels 6,000 Death No

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