Beginner Training Zone
Beginner Training Zone
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Required Rank


Enemy Level Range


Area to the Left

Ye Olde Pub

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Advanced Training Zone

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The Beginner Training Zone is the first area of the Battle Arena that contains enemies to fight and is where players entering the Battle Arena will begin their quest to greatness. This theme of this room is that of a training room, with dummies as your sole opponents. There is a magnet on the wall which will collect loot for you, but only when you aren't idling. There is down arrow in the bottom of the screen, which leads to Special Training Zone.


All enemies here are equally likely except Strange Box, who has a 0.1% spawn rate if your rank is at least 100.

Monster Type Level (Casual)
Idle Dummy Normal 16
Jr. Dummy Normal 17
Dark Jr. Dummy Normal 18
Wooden Dummy Normal 19
Wind Dummy Normal 20
Ice Dummy Normal 21
Fire Dummy Normal 22
Water Dummy Evolving Normal 23
Thunder Dummy Normal 24
Strange Box Boss 1

Area Information

Safe Area No
Underwater No
Base Spawn Rate 2.5 seconds
Base Rare Rate 1%
Base Ally Drop Rate 50%
Area Damage Percent 100%
Area Epic Rate 0% (0.1% in Worst Moon)