This page contains frequently asked questions about the Battle Arena. The Battle Arena is a huge feature and very versatile, so answers to most questions are not set in stone. In fact, the correct answer would almost always be "it depends".


I am rank xxx. ¿What is the best place to get Battle Arena experience?

If you are idling, choose the hardest place where you can still one-shot normal monsters and kill bosses in about one second. If it takes longer, an easier place will give faster experience.

If you are not idling, doing raids gives great experience. Which one you can do depends on many factors (like gear, your Anti Idle level, skill builds), but here is a list in increasing order of difficulty.

What gear should I craft for rank xxx?

None. You don't want to craft gear. It is faster to use the free stuff you can get from raids than grind materials to craft some super expensive armor (which has comparable stats to the one you can get for free anyways). That being said, here are some suggestions:


  • Revolution Pyrabow from Dark Pyramid. Better scores give better ones, so replace your old one if you get a better score.
  • A Tower of DOOOOOOM weapon. Get this when you can (typically around rank 350). This is timed gear, but lasts long enough to get to rank 500. Bow as a primary weapon and dagger as a secondary weapon is what people recommend for a fusion.
  • If you have the materials to craft a weapon from this thread before rank 500, go for it.


  • Before rank 80: Newbie set.
  • Rank 80: Dragonewyn set. This is crafted gear, contradicting previous advice, but it's a good upgrade from Newbie set. Get this if you're not planning on using Enchanted Leather.
  • Rank 88: You can get Enchanted Leather pieces from Explosion Crates. These crates can be easily obtained by breaking the Button Machine.
  • Rank 148: Berserker set. Get this if you didn't get Enchanted Leather. Fuse this with another berserker set if you get the materials, but don't go out of your way to get them.
  • Secret Dungeon gear: You can get free sets in Secret Dungeon. Holy Glory (rank 258), Dark Angel (rank 278) or Chaos (rank 298).
  • When you can (generally around rank 350): Tower of DOOOOOOM gear. This is timed gear, but should last until you get to rank 500.
  • Rank 500: Purple Armor of Loot mined in Hardcore Apocalypse mode or with Gem of Good luck in Hardcore Worst Moon mode. It will have 11 unobtainium enhancements, making this a free set with many tiers which can easily be obtained.

Remember to always enhance and finalize your gear, this makes a much bigger difference than getting more advanced gear. Do not buy expensive enhancers before rank 500, buy the one you can get to fill your weapon/armor with enhancers.

You mention enhancing items? How do you do that and which enhancers should I use?

You can craft enhancers in the "Enhancers" tab. As always, it depends, but here is a general guideline on how to enhance your gear.

Weapons: Put enough critical chance to cap critical chance and enough attack speed to cap double hit chance (both with skills). Attack for the rest. Enough attack speed typically means over 25 attack speed after finalizing

Armor: As much critical damage as you can get, until critical damage is maxed with skills. After that use attack rocks or maybe speed if you have trouble capping double hit.

These are your goals after the weapon is finalized. For better control, use the fusion simulator.

Enhancing armor with offensive stats?

If you want to level up fast, you want to kill things fast. In almost all scenarios of this game, a good offense is the best defense.

Which bonuses are the best for my gear?

As always, it depends. But for a general idling set and since you want offense over defense:

  • Green bonuses: Exp and spawn. (Maximizing the product of these two.)
  • Orange bonuses: On your and Robacon's weapons, boss damage. Use one rage attack bonus on one of them if you can maintain rage high. On armor and accessories: Enough mastery to cap it with the mastery skill (one or two armor oranges should be enough), attack on the rest.
  • Purple bonuses: Attack power.

Should I be using Casual or Hardcore mode?

Casual, usually. Unless what you're doing is so easy you can do it quickly in Hardcore.

I got this "Adventurer's Trophy" with a smiley face, should I use it? I also notice the weapon uses spirit, is spirit better than mana?

While an adventurer's trophy might have better stats than whatever you are using, its range is way too short. That's a very, very bad thing, because it means that whenever a monster spawns you can't kill it instantly, you have to wait an extra second before it reaches you. So don't use it, but give it to Robacon if you want to.

And spirit is generally worse than mana. A few late-game strategies have been developed around spirit, but those are fairly specific.

You mentioned offense over defense. How do I deal more damage?

Something unintuitive about this game is that damage does not hugely depend on the attack stat of your weapon like in other games. As really rough estimation (in other words, this is not correct, see the Damage Guide for correct info), damage is a product of the following stats:

  • Equip Att: The sum of the attack stats of all your equipment. You can see this stat in your stat screen.
  • Attack Power: Your attack power multiplied by your Attack% bonus multiplied by Combo Power if you have it and have Combo. You can see this stat in your stat screen.
  • Mastery: Increases your minimum damage, making your average damage higher. Foe example, if you have 5% you will deal 52.5% of your maximum damage on average, while if you have 95% you will deal 97.5% damage on average, that's an average damage increase of 86%.
  • Double Hit: Cap this, to deal double damage most of the time.
  • Critical Chance and Damage: Self-explanatory. Cap both of these to deal 10 times as much damage most of the time.
  • (Non-)Boss Damage: Your damage gets multiplied by your Non-Boss Damage if the enemy is not a boss and by your Boss Damage if it is.
  • Rage Attack: Your damage gets increased by this times your rage bar.
  • Mana Power: Mainly used for raids, every 5 million mana add 100% extra damage.
  • 0.000005 * rank^0.5 * level^0.5 + 0.01: It's just a formula and translates to the higher your rank and level, the higher your damage.
  • Level penalty and area penalty: If the enemy is higher level than you, you deal less damage. Some areas also lower your damage by a percentage to make you weaker, but there's nothing you can do about that so don't worry about it.

So instead of just trying to raise your weapon's attack, try raising the other things in this list too. For example, raising Boss Damage from 100% to 150% results in a 50% damage increase against bosses, which is usually way easier to get than 50% more equip attack.

How do I beat MEGABOSS/Chuck Norris/CHAOS/any other boss?

The answer depends on too many things to give a clear answer. Maybe your skill build can be heavily improved, maybe your gear can, maybe your rank and level is simply not enough yet.


General consensus is, if you mine before rank 500, that only means you are delaying the time it is taking you to get to rank 500. Mining for skill books is ok, but Secret Dungeon is a faster source.

What do Unobtainium Enhancements do? What are tiers?

See Bonus Rocks.

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