There are several types of equipment the player can use in the Battle Arena.


Melee Weapons

Can only attack enemies at a close range. Usually more powerful than ranged weapons.

Ranged Weapons

Can attack enemies no matter how far they are from you, usually have faster speed than melee weapons but the attack power is weaker.

Special Weapons

Weapons with unique abilities, like CHAOS AURA and Dark Ruler.

Secondary Weapons

These give extra bonuses and special effects when equipped with a proper primary weapon.


There are 6 types of armor: hat, shirt, gloves, pants, shoes, and skin.


Rings can be found as rare drops from monsters. The name of the ring is generated at random, in case you pick up a ring with the same name as one you already own, instead, you will receive a number of pixels equal to your rank * 100, and a stat bonus or an increase to the duration of your current buff. Since the explosion, no rings can be bought with pixels anymore.  The 6 bottom-most rings can be obtained only in The Corruption or in Secret Dungeon.

Only one can be equipped at a time. Beware: you lose all of them if you die, unless you have Protection Ring equipped or your equipment and skills allow you to ignore the death penalty.

After the Explosion, many rings have had their abilities changed. Some were deleted, some added.

Name Effect Name Effect
  • Maximum HP +300%
  • HP Regen +5000%
  • Immunity to Poison, Potion Block, and Zombify
  • Accuracy +150%
  • Hit Chance +50%
  • Immunity to Blind
  • Maximum MP +250%
  • MP Regen +5000%
  • Immunity to Potion Block
  • Evasion +200%
  • Dodge Chance +50%
  • Immunity to Blind
  • Attack +75%
  • Ignore 75% of monster DEF
  • Immunity to Weaken
  • Drain Lvl. +100
  • +25000 Mana when a monster is killed
  • 50% chance to gain 1 extra spirit when attacking
  • Maximum HP +150%
  • When a boss is killed, full MP recovery OR +15 spirit
  • Attack Speed +160%
  • Double Hit Chance +80%
  • Attack +30%
  • Immunity to Slow
  • Stun duration on your character is cut in half
  • Poison Chance +50%
  • Blind Chance +50%
  • Weaken Chance +50%
  • Stun Chance +10%
  • Mastery +90%
  • Ignore 20% of monster DEF
  • Hit Chance +20%
  • Dodge Chance +20%
  • Immunity to Weaken and Blind
  • Monster Spawn Rate +20%
  • Critical Chance +50%
  • Critical Damage +250%
  • EXP +50%
  • DEF +150%
  • Damage Taken -50%
  • Immunity to Weaken
  • Coin Gain +50%
  • Pixel Gain +50%
  • Damage Reflect +4500%
  • Attack +30%
  • Defense +45%
  • Reflects, including Magic Reflects, are automatic critical hits
  • Defense +75%
  • Damage Taken -25%
  • Evasion +100%
  • Dodge Chance +25%
  • No EXP and ring loss upon death
  • When you take damage with no buffs active, 20% chance to grant 3 seconds of invincibility.
  • Monster movement speed and magic attack speed -30%
  • 5% chance to inflict Slow status effect for 1 second.
  • Drop Rate +100%
  • Rare Monster Rate +100%
  • Epic Monster Rate 100%
  • Rage Depletion -30%
  • Rage Power +60%
  • Rage Speed +125%
  • Gain 1 additional combo per attack
  • All combo skills gain +15 (May exceed skill cap)
  • Retain 10% of Combo when hit by a physical attack
  • Magic Resist +60%
  • 80% chance to negate status effects
  • Immunity to Poison, Slow, Weaken, and Blind
  • Damage vs. Bosses +120%
  • 30% chance to instantly kill a non-boss monster when its HP is below 50%



Most pendants just grant bonuses, but a few have stats as well.


There are few earrings in the game, and most are temporary. The most common (strongest) earrings in game are Revolution Earrings and THE MEGABOSS's Earrings.


Most medals require you to complete tasks before you can craft them.


Some trinkets are lootable. Most are craftable and give special bonuses. Most trinkets are Gems.


These give no bonuses but change the appearance of your armor. To create an outfit, simply take the piece of equipment you want to turn into an outfit, visit the Item Storage section of the Menu, and click the pink Create Outfit button. Ctrl + click the armor item into the box and click Create Outfit. There is NO CONFIRMATION AT ALL, so be very careful. There is no way to reverse this process yet.

Outfit items are purely cosmetic and always appear instead of your original armor items.

Crafting, Fusion, and Enhancement

For more information on Crafting, Fusion, and Enhancement please see Battle Arena: Crafting


An image showing descriptions of different items in the crafting section

You can craft items using mostly Crafting Material and Pixels, and sometimes other Materials. You can craft more items by unlocking Recipes (click on "Recipes" in game for more info or see Recipes).

These items can be further modified and strengthened by using the Fusion feature to fuse them with other items and by enhancing them to increase their statistics. (see Enhancements and Bonuses section below).


For more information on Bonus Rocks and Bonuses please see Bonus Rocks.

Bonus Rocks can also be applied to equipment to make it stronger. These rocks cannot be crafted and must be found by looting monsters.

There are three types of Bonuses, bonus type A (green), B (orange) and C (purple).

The color of the rock corresponds to which bonus color it belongs to, and the color of the background dictates whether the rock enhances a weapon, armor, or an accessory. Weapons have an orange background, armor has a green background, and accessories have a pink background.

Bonus rocks can also have a [S] tag, which means they can be used on ANY item, and that ignores the "Cannot apply bonus rocks" property and can also works on finalized items. And, there's also the [I] or [SI] tag, which means that rocks has infinite uses and will not disappear when used. Bonus rocks's bonuses can be changed into the Strange Machine from Abandoned Lab before used into equipment, as well as some equipment itself.

Bonus Preferences

The Bonus Preferences option in the menu can be changed to influence the probability of receiving a certain bonus rock. Bonuses can also be interchanged at the Abandoned Lab with a probability similarly in accordance with the Bonus Preferences option.

Bonus Amount

An item's tier determines the amount of bonus it receives from any of the types.  A weapon's tier is determined by:

Tier = CEILING (Item Rank / 10) + Unobtanium Enhancement + FLOOR (Legendary Weapon Skillpoints / 5)

where ceiling refers to a value that is always rounded up to a whole integer, and floor to a value that is always rounded down to a whole integer.  The tier of any other equipment is determined by:

Tier = CEILING (Item Rank / 10) + Unobtanium Enhancement

The tier is then multiplied by a bonus statistic's base value.  In other words, the higher the rank and the unobtanium enhancement on the item, the better the bonus values will be.  Each unobtanium enhancement is equal to 10 ranks on the item.  The above formula and more information on bonuses, including their base values, can be found from Mike_Takumi's contribution here.