IA list

An Invisible Ally is an ally that will fight for you in the Battle Arena. Invisible Allies are recieved as a loot drop from a rare or epic monster, in the form of a 90% transparent scroll. There is an Invisible Ally for every single monster in the Battle Arena, and each Ally has different stats. Currently there are 500 different IAs. In Kongregate, there can also have kongpanions you obtained.

Bonuses from Equipped Invisible Allies

You may have 1 invisible ally equipped at a time.  This ally may grant you passive bonuses, such as an increase to drop rate or hit points.  This ally also may have active skills.  Each skill has a cooldown time that shows how frequently the ally can use it.  These include attacks and granting the player a buff.  You gain the abilities only of the ally you have equipped.

Taming Invisible Allies

To tame an Invisible Ally, you need to collect the nearly-invisible scroll that sometimes drops from rare or epic monsters.  Rare monsters have a yellow border around their health box.  Epic monsters have a green border around their health box.  The chance of this scroll dropping can be found here.

Training Invisible Allies

To train an Invisible Ally, equip it and kill monsters. You get 2 EXP for defeating an enemy above or equal to the level of the equipped ally. If the enemy is in Spooky Crypt, the ally will only get 1 EXP each kill, even if its level is higher than Spooky Crypt's monsters one.

If the enemy is the same monster as your Ally, you get 8 extra EXP regardless of level, plus 15 extra if the monster is rare and the same as your Ally, and 80 extra if the monster is epic and the same as your Ally (stacks with the rare bonus). When an ally recieves 10,000 EXP, it becomes mastered.

You will get 1% extra exp from killing monster for each 1,000 EXP its Ally has. After the Ally is mastered, it will give another 10% exp for a total of 20%

Mastered Ally bonuses

When an Ally recieves 10,000 EXP, it will become mastered. Mastered Allies receive certain bonuses.

  • You will encounter the rare form of that monster 5% more often.
  • In Worst Moon mode, you will encounter the epic form of that monster more often.
  • You will gain 1.2x the exp when defeating that monster.
  • You can use Monster Chips on Invisible Ally. Each Chip increases the efficiency of passive bonuses of a specific ally by 10%, up to 100% with 10 chips. It can also increase to 150% if you are able to defeat the ULTRA form of the enemy with mastered ally.

Extra EXP past 10,000 does not do anything.

List of Allies and their bonuses

A list of invisible allies and their bonuses can be found here.

The Ascendant's Invisible Ally

The Ascendant's invisible ally is not a drop.  You will automatically be granted the ally if you kill the Ascendant in Worst Moon in hardcore mode during an impossible Ascension.