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The Battle Arena (often referred to as "BA") is a fighting simulator in the Anti-Idle: The Game. Your avatar fights an unlimited number of enemies, one at a time. The types of enemies that appear depend on the setting your avatar chooses to visit. Your avatar can use equipment acquired in other parts of Anti-Idle or crafted from materials looted from enemies in BA. Your avatar also has its own level, different from your player level, that dictates what special arena abilities are available to it in battle. Your avatar also has basic stats which may be raised using pixels awarded for killing enemies. Kills also raise your player's EXP and coins, and may produce loot drops containing more coins, including green and blue. A special Battle Arena fight is required for Ascension at level 9000+. Overall, Battle Arena is the most complex of Anti-Idle's main features, and typically consumes the majority of time spent by players.

For frequently asked questions about the Battle Arena, see Battle Arena FAQ.


Main article: Battle Arena Statistics

The player has a number of stats that determine how powerful he or she is, viewable by clicking on the Stats button. The 6 major statistics are Attack Power, Defense Power, MaxHP, MaxMP, Accuracy, and Evasion, though there are a number of other statistics as well. The major statistics increase with both the player's level and their Battle Arena rank, which is increased by gaining Arena EXP through the defeating of monsters.


Main article: Battle Arena Skills

Skills grant the player abilities or improve their statistics. They can be improved using skill points, which are earned when a character's Arena Rank increases. Most skills require a minimum rank before they can be learned, meaning that only a small number are available to the player at first, though more become available as the player ranks up.

Buffs and Potions

Main article: Buffs

The player may have one buff at a time. The most common source of buffs is a potion.


Main article: Battle Arena Equipment

The player may equip various items to raise stats and fight monsters. It is possible to craft new equipment to use, enhance it to make it better, and fuse two pieces together to gain stats from both.


Robacon (or Robroccoli in vegetarian mode) is a robot found in Ye Olde Pub that provides attack support when you are fighting monsters, in exchange for bacon (or broccoli). He refuses to talk to you until you are at Rank 40.

Robacon starts at rank 1. Robacon must have a weapon equipped for him to have any effect. His weapon must have a rank requirement no higher than his rank. Unless the weapon is the bacon sword, Robacon must also have bacon (or broccoli) to attack.

If the above conditions are met, Robacon will attempt to attack any monster when it spawns, unless it is an evolving monster or would self-destruct upon being hit. Every attack uses a piece of bacon (or broccoli), unless he has the bacon sword equipped. When he attacks, a large strip of bacon (or broccoli) will cover the middle of the screen if he hits.

Robacon's attack may miss, based on your level penalty, hit chance, and accuracy. Robacon's attack uses your stats to determine damage, and the skill power multiplier, which is applied before defense, critical damage, (non-) boss damage, and mana power, is 0.5 + robaconRank/100 + robaconWeaponAttack/300.

Robacon gains twice the Arena EXP that you do (not accounting for the Rebirth bonus) making its weapon level up twice as quickly as it would if you had it equipped. Robacon will stop earning EXP once his rank is the same as yours.

The only stat on Robacon's weapon that matters is its attack, as detailed above. Additionally, the colored tiered bonuses on his weapon also apply to your character, so long as Robacon has bacon (or broccoli) and a high enough rank to use the weapon.

Robacon cannot enter Smiley Island, as he is unable to figure out the password. This means he cannot enter Tower of DOOOOOOM, either. His bonuses apply in Dark Pyramid and Spooky Crypt, even though he will attack only the first monster in the former and none in the latter.

Robacon's Skills

Robacon's Skills
Rank Skill
50 Robacon/Robroccoli raises your combo by 2 each time he attacks.
75 Robacon/Robroccoli raises your Rage by 0.5% each time he attacks.
100 Robacon/Robroccoli has a 25% chance to cause the monster to drop Enhancer Fragments.
125 Robacon/Robroccoli is guaranteed to deal critical damage.
150 Robacon/Robroccoli has a 25% chance to silence non-boss monsters
175 Robacon/Robroccoli has a 25% chance to deal double damage.
200 Robacon/Robroccoli has a 5% chance to cause the monster to drop Superior Crafting Material.
225 Robacon/Robroccoli has a 5% chance to permanently blind the monster.
250 Robacon/Robroccoli has a 5% chance to permanently poison the monster.
275 Robacon/Robroccoli has a 5% chance to permanently weaken the monster.
300 Robacon/Robroccoli recovers your HP by 25% of MaxHP whenever he attacks.
325 Robacon/Robroccoli causes the monster to permanently lose 10% Evasion.
350 Robacon/Robroccoli causes the monster to permanently lose 10% Defense.
375 Robacon/Robroccoli causes the monster to permanently lose 10% Accuracy.
400 Robacon/Robroccoli recovers your MP by 5% of MaxMP whenever he attacks.
425 Robacon/Robroccoli causes the monster to permanently lose 10% Attack.
450 Robacon/Robroccoli makes the monster give 10% more Coins.
475 Robacon/Robroccoli makes the monster give 10% more Pixels.
500 Robacon/Robroccoli makes the monster give 10% more EXP.


Toadvine's Robacon guide

Invisible Allies

Main article: Invisible Ally

Invisible allies (IA) are monsters that you have tamed to fight alongside you. You gain them as a random drop when killing a rare form of an enemy, or killing an enemy that evolves. When they are equipped, they give you passive bonuses and they have special skills that damage the enemy, give you buffs and loots, and so on.


The Bestiary shows information about all the monsters.

Most areas in the Battle Arena have enemies for you to fight. The majority of these enemies start at the spawn point of the area, around the middle of the screen, and charge at you. A few enemies spawn in other places and/or do not move. Enemies attack physically when they hit you (and then bouce backwards) and some may attack you with ranged attacks as well. Each area has specific enemies that may spawn.

Enemy Features

Underneath the picture of the enemy, you'll see a box that gives information about the enemy. This box gives the name of the enemy and its level (which corresponds roughly to your Anti Idle the Game level - not to your arena rank). It also includes a health bar and displays any negative status effects the enemy is currently under.

Information Box Outline Color
The box containing the enemy's name, level, and health bar may have a colored outline
Color Type Effect
None Normal
  • None
Yellow Rare
  • Increased Drop Rate
  • May drop an Invisible Ally scroll.
  • May drop a Monster Chip
  • Outside of the Spooky Crypt, evolving enemies cannot be rare.
Green Epic
  • Increased Drop Rate, beyond that of rare enemies
  • May drop an Invisible Ally scroll
  • May drop a Monster Chip
  • Outside of the Spooky Crypt, evolving enemies cannot be epic.
  • May Drop Unobtanium
Enemy HP Bar Colors
Color Type Details
Red Standard


The bestiary lists what monster may spawn on this monster's death
Purple Boss They tend to be stronger than standard monsters. They may also be evolving monsters
White Zombie They will take damage from heal and tend not to take much damage from regular attacks. They may also be evolving and/or boss monsters.
Enemy Name Colors

D & L


Yellow Weak 1


Equipping Yellow Madness Gem will cause normal EXP and Rewards


Slightly Weak


2 Normal



Purple Boss 4 Special

Map and Areas

The map will give you recommendations about which areas you can handle with your current stats and will allow you to teleport to an area you've already been to. The map is obtained once the player has purchased the VIP Ticket in the Feature Shop. Note well: the map's recommendations can be very inaccurate.


1. Ye Olde Pub 2. Beginner Training Zone 3. Advanced Training Zone
4. Mystic Forest 5. Night Forest 6. The Sky
7. Polluted Sky 8. Deadlands 9. Danger Zone
10. The Desert 11. Dark Pyramid 12. The Beach
13. Binary Battlefield 14. Dragon Cave 15. Foodlandistan
16. Pirate Ship 17. Pirate Ship Interior 18. Mystic Path
19. Smiley Island 20. Triangle Land 21. Hole of Time
22. 2012: Ye Olde Pub 23. -Infinity: Prehistoric Area 24. Prehistoric Mission
25. 9001: Ye Olde Pub 26. 9001: Mystic Forest 27. Defend Mission
28. Secret Lab 29. Dark Portal 30. Volcano Peak
31. Secret Beach 32. Frosty Zone 33. Scary Graveyard
34. Ropeless Room 35. Not Copyright Infringement 36. Pokayman City
37. Secret Dungeon 38. Secret Entrance 39. Spooky Crypt
40. Tower of DOOOOOOM 41. The Corruption 42. The Special Arena
43. Deserted Alley 44. Triangle Hideout 45. Abandoned Lab
46. Censor Ship 47. THE MEGABOSS's Revenge 48. Lullaby Lake
49. Billygoat Bridge 50. Fabled Forest 51. Fortress Foothills
52. Castle Grimm 53. Throne Room

The following areas are not depicted on the map:


Main article: Battle Arena Drop Mechanics

Each enemy has a chance to drop various loot, which can be collected by the player.

Missions and Raids

Main article: Battle Arena Raids