The image of the starting screen. This is a very outdated version.

Awesome Adventures is a feature which you can buy at Level 500 for 50,000,000 Coin-template.

Awesome Adventures starts new players off with 25 energy and zero reputation. Energy is used to embark on adventures, and replenishes automatically over time up to a maximum. Reputation is a measure of the player's "goodness"; it is gained or lost depending on the player's choices during adventures, and may also be traded for rewards at the Awesome Adventures Awesome Shop.

A round of Awesome Adventures begins by offering you a choice of four destinations. Any destination you choose will cost you one energy, and possibly green coins, and leads to a random adventure, which may offer you additional choices before returning you to the start. Depending on the adventure you get, and the choices you make, you may gain and/or lose various Anti-Idle items, including energy, reputation, coins, tokens for the Stadium or Arcade, multipliers on harvesting in the Garden, and so on. You can press 0 (and/or hold) to choose the option you selected the last time you encountered that adventure. If you have not encountered a certain adventure before, pressing 0 will not do anything.

Maximum energy starts at 25, and may be increased at the Awesome Shop or through a specific adventure to 75.

The 28th of each month is the "Adventure Time!" (sans Jake and Finn) event. During this event, the wait time for Adventure Energy is 80% of the normal wait time.


The current build of Anti-Idle has four destinations.

Destination Cost (Greencoin-template) Experience Factor Career exp Adventures per trophy
Town 0 3500 205 + rep^0.35 90
Untitled Zone 2000 3750 215 + rep^0.35 80
Titled Zone 5000 4000 225 + rep^0.35 70
Cakeland 10000 4000 225 + rep^0.35 60

The experience factor is part of a formula that determines how much experience is earned per adventure:

  • (expFactor+abs(rep)^0.5) * level^0.6 * Boost/100 * (100+PetBonus)/100 * AscensionPerk*0.72

After a certain number of adventures have completed in a given destination, the next adventure awards an Adventurer's Trophy. A Trophy is a Battle Arena spirit weapon with (837+BattleArenaRank) attack, 8 attack speed, 50 defense, 75% critical chance and accuracy, and random additional affixes. Trophies cannot be fused or enhanced with Bonus Rocks, and sell for 100,000 Pixels and up.

Cakeland is a fourth destination available during an anniversary celebration of Anti-Idle. It cost 10,000Greencoin-template to reach, and has two exclusive adventures, "Anniversary Gift Box" and "Cake!", and a 5% chance of the "Raging Triangle" bad adventure. Cakeland is only open in December, January, or 24th day of each month.


Adventures are randomly selected from the set available for each destination. Different adventures may offer additional options to the player that affect the adventure's final outcome. The first option of every adventure is 'Worst Adventure Ever 1/5', which effectively cancels the adventure with no penalty or reward to the player other than the initial energy and GC cost of the destination.


Town has the following 19 adventures:

Adventure Options Outcome
Adventurer's Trophy Get trophy get Adventurer's Trophy in Battle Arena
A Guy Playing TukkunFCG Give advice
  • (FCGLevel/50)*0.9% chance (90% max) to get 200 FCG cash and 5 rep
  • otherwise: 1 rep
Laugh -1 rep
A Tired Adventurer Give boosts -100% boost, 3 rep (Doesn't make Boost below 100%)
Give energy refill -1 energy refill, 150Bluecoin-template, 20 rep

This works only if you have an Energy Refill.

Steal stuff
  • 60%: random LolMarket gem, -6 rep
  • 40%: -4 rep
Arcade Tokens Buy 10 Arcade tokens, 1 rep, -10000Greencoin-template

(Nothing if you don't have enough Greencoin-template)

COINS PLX!!! Give coins -5,000,000Coin-template, and:
  • 30%: 2 rep
  • 70%: 1 rep
  • not enough Coin-template: -1 rep
  • (9+ArenaAttack/1000)%: 50,000,000Coin-template, -5 rep
  • otherwise: -1 energy, -5 rep
Destroyer of Buttons Accept

200 Button clicks, +1 Button break, +0-4 Perfect clicks, -1 rep
(Does not count for Random Quests)

Energy Refill none 1 Energy Refill (even if you choose "Worst Adventure")
EXP Merchant

Buy X exp for YCoin-template

  • X= 1,250*Level^0.6*(100+PetBonus)
  • Y = 500,000*Level^0.6
  • (rep/1000)% (positive rep): 1.5X exp, -YCoin-template, 3 rep (merchant recognizes you)
  • (-rep/1000)% (negative rep): -YCoin-template, -1 rep (merchant distrusts you)
  • 10%: -YCoin-template (merchant is banned for scamming)
  • otherwise: X exp, -YCoin-template, 1 rep
Buy 1.5X exp for 2YCoin-template
  • (rep/1000)% (positive rep): 2.25X exp, -2YCoin-template, 5 rep (merchant recognizes you)
  • (-rep/1000)% (negative rep): -2YCoin-template, -2 rep (merchant distrusts you)
  • 10%: -2YCoin-template (merchant is banned for scamming)
  • otherwise: 1.5X exp, -2YCoin-template, 2 rep
If you don't have enough Coin-template for your choice: -1 rep
Free Energy! 2 energy, even if you choose "Worst Adventure"
Give 50000Greencoin-template
  • not enough Greencoin-template: Greencoin-template set to zero, 2 rep
  • otherwise: -50000Greencoin-template, 4 rep
Good Morning! none Nothing
Illegal Blue Coins Accept 150Bluecoin-template, -15 rep
Illegal Energy Upgrade Accept -100, -200, -500, -1000, -2500, -5000, -10000, -50000, -150000 or -400000 rep; 5 max energy (The last five also require Adventurer career level 100.The last three also require Adventurer career level 200.)
LolMarket Gem Buy gem -2,500,000Coin-template, random LolMarket gem, 2 rep (or nothing if you don't have enough money)
Give advice
  • (0.009*(LolMarketProfit^0.5))% (90% max): random gem, 5 rep
  • otherwise: 1 rep
Laugh -1 rep
Master of Crafting Buy Superior Crafting Materials 9 Superior Crafting Material, -25000Greencoin-template, 2 rep
Buy Unobtainium 3 Unobtainium, -50000Greencoin-template, 3 rep
Buy Crystals of Rarity 4 Crystals of Rarity, -50000Greencoin-template, 3 rep
Buy Crystals of Ultra Rarity 2 Crystals of Ultra Rarity, -100000Greencoin-template, 4 rep
If you don't have enough Greencoin-template for whatever you choose, you'll lose all of it and also 1 rep.
Max Energy Upgrade Accept -1000, -2000, -5000, -10000, -20000, -50000, or -100000 Bluecoin-template (The last two also require Adventurer career level 100.)
Pet Food Merchant Buy 7 special pet food 7 special pet food, -XGreencoin-template, 2 rep
  • X=15000-10*(Rep^0.5) + floor(PetFood/100)*5000 (rounded down; 10,000 min; 200,000 max)
Buy 20 special pet food 20 special pet food, -5XGreencoin-template, 5 rep
If you don't have enough Greencoin-template for whatever you choose, you'll lose 1 rep instead.
Progress Bar Extension

Buy X progress storage for YGreencoin-template

  • X=(1000-CurrentProgStorage)/10, rounded up
  • Y=2,000,000 + rep*10 (1,000,000 min, 3,000,000 max)
X progress bar storage, -YGreencoin-template* Storage allows your progress bar to "store" more than one bar's worth of reward before you claim it.* Storage max is 1000%. (Nothing if you don't have enough Greencoin-template)

(If you're at max, this option instead awards 2 rep for 0 Greencoin-template OR subtracts 4 rep for 0 Greencoin-template if reputation < 50)

Some Sort of Gardener Secretly harvest
  • 1.2%: 250,000,000Coin-template, -3 rep
  • 3.88%: 100,000,000Coin-template, -3 rep
  • 10.48%: 50,000,000Coin-template, -3 rep
  • 14.67%: 25,000,000Coin-template, -3 rep
  • 9.77%: 10,000,000Coin-template, -3 rep (Coin-template amount counts as part of your harvest score.)
  • 60%: -1 energy, -5 rep
Ask for gardening advice
  • 40%: +10,000 Garden harvest value (if you have any trees) , 10 rep (That gardener was actually a wizard)
  • 60%: 1 rep (If you got a harvest bonus less than 2 hours ago, you get this instead.)
Stadium Tokens Buy 250 Stadium token 250 Stadium token, -25,000Greencoin-template, 2 rep
Buy 500 Stadium token 500 Stadium token, -200,000Greencoin-template, 3 rep
Nothing if you don't have enough Greencoin-template

Untitled Zone

Untitled Zone has all of the adventures of Town, plus 4 more:

Adventure Options Outcome
Grammar Pill Take
  • Pill still in effect: nothing ("nuthin happend...")
  • 50%: Pill effect for 2 minutes ("teh grammer pill work EXSELENT!")
  • 45%: Pill effect for 2 minutes ("aftr u took teh grammer pill...")
  • 5%: Pill effect for 2 minutes delayed with 2 minutes ("After taking the Grammar Pill...")

The pill effect lets you play "secret mode" in Typing.

Magic Mushroom Eat
  • 50%: 2 energy
  • 25%: 1 energy
  • 25%: -1 energy
Strange Machine Put 1Whitecoin-template large in
  • 70%: bottle of water comes out; see below
  • 30%: -1 energy
Break machine
  • 30%: 20Whitecoin-template large, -2 energy, -6 rep
  • 70%: -2 energy, -2 rep
Drink water
  • 50%: 2 energy
  • 25%: 5 energy
  • 20%: nothing ("it vanished")
  • 5%: Mega Boost Potion, which is instantly used
Sell water
  • 40%: 2Whitecoin-template large, 1 rep
  • 20%: 2Whitecoin-template large, 4 rep
  • 20%: -1 rep
  • 20%: nothing
THEIF!!!1!1!!!!! Chase -0.2%Coin-template (even if you choose "Worst Adventure"), plus:
  • (50+StadiumUpgradeCount/10)% (90% max): 0.2%Coin-template, 3 rep
  • otherwise: -1 energy

Titled Zone

Titled Zone has all of the adventures of Town and Untitled, plus 7 more:

Adventure Options Outcome
Arcade Trade* Buy 5 (If enough) -5 Arcade tokens, 5 100k medals, 1 rep
Buy 10 (If enough) -15 Arcade tokens, 10 100k medals, 2 rep
Buy 15 (If enough) -30 Arcade tokens, 15 100k medals, 3 rep
Fertilizer Buyer Sell fertilizer (If you have it) -1 Fertilizer, 100Bluecoin-template, 2 rep
Sell mega-fertilizer (If you have it) -1 Mega Fertilizer, 1000Bluecoin-template, 7 rep
LolMarket Lecture I love lectures!(Buy the lecture for 2005Greencoin-template) -2005Greencoin-template, and:
  • 50%: Demand for each LolMarket gem level increased (if you own them) or decreased (if not) by 1
  • 50%: nothing

(Nothing if you don't have enough Greencoin-template)

Raging Triangle none -1 energy
Secret Accountant (1) Pay X Greencoin-template* X=(yourGreencoin-template/100), 5,000,000 max -XGreencoin-template, and:
  • 20%: nothing
  • 32%: 1 red coin, 1 rep
  • 48%: X/1000Bluecoin-template
Pay X Bluecoin-template* X =(yourBluecoin-template/100), 5000 max -XBluecoin-template, and:
  • 10%: nothing
  • 27%: 1 red coin, 1 rep
  • 63%: 600XGreencoin-template
Pay X Pixels* X=(yourPixels/100), 50,000,000 max -X pixels, and:

Pay X Crafting Material* X=(yourCM/100), 5,000,000 max -X Crafting Material, and:

  • 10%: nothing
  • 27%: 1 red coin, 1 rep
  • 63%: X*6 Pixels
If you don't have enough for your choice, -1 rep.
Secret Accountant (2) Trade keys -2 Keys, and:

  • 70%: 1 Treasure Box
  • 30%: nothing
Trade Treasure Boxes -2 Treasure Boxes, and:

  • 90%: 1 Key
  • 10%: nothing
If you don't have enough for your choice, -1 rep.
White Coins Buy 3 White Coins for 1000Greencoin-template 3 White Coins, -1000Greencoin-template, 1 rep
Buy 5 White Coins for 10000Greencoin-template 5 White Coins, -10000Greencoin-template, 3 rep
Buy 7 White Coins for 100000Greencoin-template 7 White Coins, -100000Greencoin-template, 6 rep
Buy 9 White Coins for 1000000Greencoin-template 9 White Coins, -1000000Greencoin-template, 10 rep


Cakeland has the following 4 adventures:

Adventure Options Outcome
Cake! Eat
  • 38.3%: -1 Energy
  • 17.1%: +2 Energy
  • 16.42%: nothing
  • 13.68%: 50% boost
  • 8.55%: +4 Energy
  • 5%: Energy Refill
Feed to pet
  • Pet +1 HP, 5 Fullness (If you have no pet, +1 energy.)
Anniversary Gift Box Open
  • 37.24%: Nothing
  • 11.64%: 1 Coin-template
  • 9.31%: -1 energy
  • 7.98%: Fertilizer
  • 7.18%: 20,000 Greencoin-template
  • 6.47%: Adventurer’s Trophy
  • 4.9%: Pixelated Mystery Box
  • 4.66%: Mega Fertilizer
  • 4.42%: 100,000 Greencoin-template
  • 4.20%: Energy Refill
  • 2%: Legendary Box
10 Million! Get 10,000,000Coin-template
  • 10,000,000Coin-template
Get 10,000,000Greencoin-template
  • 99%: nothing
  • 1%: 10,000,000Greencoin-template
Raging Triangle none
  • -1 energy


Reputation is gained by doing the "right" thing in adventures, such as (legally) trading and giving advice. It is lost by doing the "wrong" thing, such as laughing at the TukkunFCG player, stealing, or making illegal trades. Reputation can be negative, even greatly so.

The experience points (both for level and career) you gain from adventures varies directly with the absolute value of

Awesome Adventures as it used to appear in the old Feature Shop.

your reputation. This means that a very high positive or very high negative reputation is best for experience. Beyond that, the choice between negative and positive rep is a tradeoff. If your reputation is negative, the progress bar extension quest will cost fewer green coins, but the EXP merchant is more likely to take your coins without yielding a reward. Positive reputation increases the cost of progress bar extensions, but gives you a chance to get extra experience from the EXP merchant. Have in mind you might not be able to purchase things such energy refills from shop if you decide to go for negative reputation.


Positive reputation can be cashed in for goodies in the Adventures shop.

Energy Refill

  • 150 reputation for 1 Energy Refill (Refill 20% of max energy)

Max Energy

  • 150 reputation for 30 Energy
  • 300 reputation for 35 Energy
  • 750 reputation for 40 Energy
  • 1,500 reputation for 45 Energy
  • 3,000 reputation for 50 Energy
  • 7,500 reputation for 55 Energy (Required Adventurer Career Lv.100)
  • 15,000 reputation for 60 Energy (Required Adventurer Career Lv.100)
  • 60,000 reputation for 65 Energy (Required Adventurer Career Lv.200)
  • 225,000 reputation for 70 Energy (Required Adventurer Career Lv.200)
  • 600,000 reputation for 75 Energy (Required Adventurer Career Lv.200)
Blue Coins
  • 200 reputation for 1,000Bluecoin-template