An example for Equipment.

Armor is the main source of Defense and also gives you other statistics like Attack, Attack Speed, Critical Damage, Evasion and HP.

The player can wear up to 6 different types of Armor, which affects player's Avatar:

  • Hat, worn on the head. Hats usually give you most of HP.
  • Shirt, worn on the torso.
  • Gloves, worn on the hands. Gloves usually give you most of Critical Damage.
  • Pants, worn on the legs
  • Shoes, worn on the feet. Shoes usually give you most of Evasion and Attack Speed.
  • Skin, changes the skin color. Can be obtained by Crafting, by participating in Challenges or from loot drops in Triangle Hideout. Triangles sometimes drop the Neon Skin, which is the currently the best skin in game.


Some Armor pieces are part of Armor Sets, which give increasing bonuses depending on the amount of parts equipped of that Set. Some sets also include Weapons, Weapon Scrolls, Elemental Pendants, Elemental Cards, Earrings, Trinkets and others. Sets can give it's additional bonuses at 2 - 9 equipped pieces, depending on the set.

List of Sets

Basic Sets - these are unlocked by ranking up in the BA

Irn2Craft Sets - these are unlocked by looting Brown scrolls from monsters

Secret Sets

Chaotic Sets

Other Sets

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