AI Arcade Screen
The Arcade Screen

Level required



300,000 YC


Yellow Coins, Experience, Blue Coins, 100k Medals


The Arcade has a number of arcade games that you can play for Arcade Tokens.

Every game costs a number of Arcade Tokens to play except for MMR. You get 25 Arcade Tokens for free every day, and you can get more from certain things (buying them with Green Coins, buying them in Awesome Adventures, getting them from Mystery Boxes etc). When you play games you get coins, experience, and a high score!



Arcade feature must be bought in the Feature Shop.(outdated pic)

There are 5 games that come with the Arcade feature and 3 other games that come with an extra add-on called the "Arcade Pack". The Arcade pack costs 750 Bluecoin-template.

Pong: Survival Battle

AI Arcade Pong Screen

The first game is Pong. It requires 3 Arcade Tokens to play. Just like the classic Atari version, you are a rectangular "paddle" on one side of the screen and are pitted against a rectangle on the opposite side in a ping-pong-like game; the ball will bounce around the screen, and to survive, you must move your paddle up and down accordingly to block the ball from getting past you. Likewise, you score when the ball gets past the computer opponent, which is partially in your control, as the angle the ball bounces off your paddle is affected by both the ball's incoming angle and what spot on the paddle the ball hits. Your score multiplier increases by 1 every time you score a goal. You can activate special Pong Powers to make it harder but triple your multiplier for a short time; the special power duration increases every time you hit the ball or score a goal. At the end of the game, you gain coins and experience based on your score.

Ultimate Avoidance

This game requires 3 Arcade Tokens to play. In this game, you have to avoid moving red walls that either fall, move up, come from either side, or rotate as they try to touch you. Pick up multipliers to increase your score gain. Everytime you avoid a red wall, you gain progress and score points. If you touch a red wall, move out of the screen, or right click, you lose. At the end of the game, you gain coins and experience, based on your score.

Math Master

This game requires 2 Arcade Tokens to play. In this game, you have to perform simple math as fast as possible to see how many you can do in 1 minute. Everytime you answer a question, you add to your score and gain some progress. If you answer the question wrong, you will lose some time, your score will decrease, and you will not proceed to the next problem. If you correctly answer many questions in a row, you will increase your multiplier. The game ends when you run out of time. At the end of the game, you gain coins and experience, based on your score.


This game requires 2 Arcade Tokens to play. In this game, you must click as many Greg avatars while they pop up until time runs out. Everytime you click an avatar, you gain progress and score points, depending on how long it has been onscreen. Not only are there regular avatars, but there are fake ones and awesome faces. If you click on the fake Gregs, you lose points and time, and if you click on the awesome faces, you gain time according to how long it took you to click versus how long it has been on the screen. If you do not click a real Greg avatar fast enough or click an empty square, you lose time. If you run out of time, you lose. At the end of the game, you gain coins and experience based on your score.

Triangle Count

Main article: Triangle Count

Requires 3 Arcade Tokens to play. Black and White triangles, and later circles move across an abstract landscape for several sections; the goal is to correctly count triangles as they move past in order to advance to later stages.


Main article: Mind Sweeper

This game requires 4 Arcade Tokens and the Arcade Pack to play. This game is a game where you have to find out how to play!

Balance 3

This game requires 3 Arcade Tokens and the Arcade Pack to play. There are three platforms to balance green triangles blocks, red circle blocks, and yellow rectangle blocks. If any of the platforms reach the bottom, the game is over. The more weight (blocks) are on the platform, the faster they fall.  The more blocks you have cleared in the game, the faster they fall as well. A block will rise if 3 times its blocks is less than the total number of blocks and will fall if it's greater.  Every second, however, the blocks fall one pixel regardless of weight.  If three blocks of the same kind are matched consecutively within a platform, they are "cleared" and you gain score points. For each trio cleared, you gain progress towards a score multiplier. There are also "?" blocks, which do not reveal which color/shape they are until you place them, which greatly complicates the game.  50% of these are red circles.  25% are green triangles and 25% are yellow rectangles.


This game doesn't require any Arcade Tokens to play, only the Arcade Pack. Mute Mute Revolution (MMR) is a game in which you press the corresponding key to the right beat as they pass over the rectangle near the bottom. However, the music is muted so you don't know the beat. Everytime you hit the right key, you add to your score and increases your combo. You lose when you miss too many beats. At the end of the game, you gain coins and experience based on your score.

Par Score

  • Par score is set on a daily basis. It is different for everyone, but always within a set range for every game.
  • MMR has no par score
  • Par scores are lower the first few days you play the game
  • Overall par score is a range based on the top 100 high scores set in the last month, minus 15%. More information can be found in a Tukkun's post
  • Arcade pars daily quest is 40% (C), 70% (B), 100% (A), 130% (S).
  • Daily Prize reward is payed in blue coins, and the amount is based on your overall par and medals. 50 Bluecoin-template for each Bronze medal, 75 Bluecoin-template for Silver and 125 Bluecoin-template for Gold. +50% more blue coins if you have level 100 Arcade Career.



Obtained by by getting the following percentage of Par score:

  • Bronze: 50%
  • Silver: 75%
  • Gold: 100%

100K Medals

One 100k medal is awarded for approximately every 100k scored in each game.  For MMR it is every 100k scored, for other games it is less.

100K medals may be saved up and used to buy upgrades that reduce the difficulty of each game when played in unranked mode (or to buy general perks like boosts).

The total number of arcade medals needed to max all upgrades is 1,262,000. 

The formula is Level 1 = 50 x (upgrade value), where upgrade value ranges from 1-4 arcade medals. 

Level 2 is 5x(Level 1); Level 3 is 5x(Level 2); level 4 is 4x(Level 3); and Level 5 is 5x(Level 4).