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"A game which you can play when you idle, and when you don’t. Gain some EXP, level up. Unlock many awesome features. Earn over 600 achievements. Climb the leaderboards. Brag to many friends, and even people you don’t know." -The game's description

It doesn't matter how you play this game – everyone is a winner.

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Why We Need Help

The Anti Idle Wiki is a Wiki to be used for new players, and old ones too! Please note that there is no 'idle mode' that can be used to put in information, so we will need as much help as possible in order to get some information of everything in-game, from mystery achievements to the Battle Arena.

Please help, in the name of Tukkun. (And Anti-Tukkun & Tukken!) -- Monkeymo18, Yupei, SmelLex, UrooglaAaroncampf

Anti-Idle is a game themed on not doing anything. That is not to say that it is a game that requires no effort or help. As we are not the best of players, we will need some people who know what they are doing to give us a hand. If you can do that, and put in only accurate information, this may become the best and only Anti-Idle Wiki in the world.

It would be greatly appreciated to help, even if you only add a few words in an article or correct typos. Keeping this wiki up-to-date is not a one man job, but requires multiple hands since the game gets updated every so often. Please refrain from adding any unnecessary things though, so hyperlink when you can and don't add any names.

Information about how you can contribute is located at the editing guide.

If you don't know where to contribute, this pages might help you to help us:

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