Advanced Training Zone
Advanced Training Zone
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Required Rank


Level Range


Area to the Left

Beginner Training Zone

Area to the Right

Mystic Forest

Other Areas Accessed from Area

Deserted Alley

Number of Enemies




The Advanced Training Zone is the second area of the Battle Arena that contains enemies to fight. Most of the enemies you will encounter in this area will be dummies.


All enemies here are equally likely except Strange Box, who has a 0.1% spawn rate if your rank is at least 100.

Monster Type Level (Casual)
Idle Dummy Earth 16
Jr. Dummy Earth 17
Dark Jr. Dummy Dark 18
Wooden Dummy Earth 19
Wind Dummy Wind 20
Ice Dummy Ice 21
Fire Dummy Fire 22
Water Dummy Water Evolving 23
Thunder Dummy Thunder 24
Living Dummy Earth 34
Healer Dummy Light 36
Dark Dummy Dark 38
Ghost Dummy Dark 40
Master Dummy Earth Boss 45
Strange Box Normal Boss 1

Area Information

Safe Area No
Underwater No
Base Spawn Rate 2.6 seconds
Base Rare Rate 1.1%
Base Ally Drop Rate 50%
Area Damage Percent 100%
Area Epic Rate 0% (0.1% in Worst Moon)


Unlike the other dummies, Master Dummy has a significantly high amount of HP.

By pressing the black window in the back, the player will be transfer to a place called Deserted Alley (Rank Required: 90)

Unlike other enemies, Idle Dummy only has 1% base chance to drop his IA.