Abandoned Lab
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Area(s) accessed from this area:

Triangle Hideout

The Abandoned Lab is accessed through the Danger Zone by clicking on the yellow triangle on the 4th orange stripe. The abandoned lab has an Arena rank requirement of 180.

In Abandoned Lab, there’s a machine that allows you to randomize bonus on equipment (50 times per day), five monsters to kill (Rank 500 required, press the number buttons on the wall to summon the monsters), and the entrance to Triangle Hideout.

The monsters in Abandoned Lab drop skill books for their respective skills (56 = Elemental Bonus, 57 = Master Hunter, 58 = Spirit Shield, 59 = Legendary Weapon, 60 = Adrenaline)

Elemental Bonus monster is a zombie and can only be damaged with either the “Heal” skill or a ranged weapon. It attacks every 10 seconds, dealing elemental damage (5 seconds before attacking, it has a spinning animation). When it is not spinning, it has an element, indicated by the color of the triangle in the middle. When it is spinning, it is non–elemental.

Master Hunter monster can move. It can also jump to deal high damage to you and stun you for a second. The jump attack ignores your Defense.

Spirit Shield monster attacks every short while, inflicting status effects and dealing increasing damage. Spirit Shield ignores your Evasion. When it attacks, it also cures itself from status effects.

Legendary Weapon monster attacks you quickly, dealing increasing damage. Legendary Weapon also ignores your Evasion.

Adrenaline monster has two phases. When the red bar fills, it heals 450,000,000 HP. As the blue bar depletes, you are attacked 8 times. The first 7 attacks ignore your Evasion, while the final attack ignores your Defense. The final attack also causes you to lose all Mana (even if it misses).

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