2011: Triangle Land is an area that depicts the Battle Arena before the EXPlosion. In it, you need to kill 200 of the triangles that appear there (which all look the same as triangles in the normal Triangle Land, and have the same names but with 'strange' added at the start). Equipment bonuses are disabled in here. The triangles aren't very powerful offensively, but have quite a bit of hp/def and can take some time to kill at lower ranks/levels. Throughout the process, a 'voice' will comment, eventually calling the triangles to retreat and activating the 'Moving Wall of Doom'. After the 200th triangle kill, the moving wall of doom will enter from the right and move towards you. If it reaches you, you die. To avoid this, rapidly move through the areas to the left until you reach the Danger Zone, and then click the arrow on the top-right to the Dark Lab. Once in the Dark Lab, the EXPlosion will happen, the house will be destroyed, and you will return to the Hole of Time.

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