(Name)'s Tree Stick
(Name)'s Tree Stick
(Name)'s Tree Stick as it appears in the inventory

Item Type

Weapon / Stick

Required Rank


Acquired From


The (Name)'s Tree Stick is a Rank 20 Weapon, and the final Newbie Weapon. It is the first available Spirit weapon.

This item is not part of any set.

Item Stats


Maximum Level 10
Range 65 px
Attack 200
Speed 13
Defense -
Critical Chance 10%
Accuracy 50%
HP Regen


Item Bonuses/Additional Information

Starting Enhancement -
Required Rank 20
Initial Unobtanium Enhancement 0
Bonus Tier (Total) 2
Initial Bonuses Pixel Mastery -
Spirit Yes
Sell Value 0
Museum Value -
Bonus Rocks can be used on this item.
This item can be fused.

Crafting Information

Maximum CO(U)R Applied 0
Recipe Required -
Pixel Cost 50000
Crafting Material Cost 0
Extra Material (Quantity) -
Career Exp Gained 0


  • The name of this weapon is based on your Kongregate username, which goes where (Name) is on the title of this page.
  • As this is the first Spirit weapon available, and is relatively cheap, it can be useful for completing Random Quests that require using Spirit skills.

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