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<-- Corrupted Treeman

Small Air Elemental-->

 ! ! ! ! !
!!!!! as it appears in the bestiary

Enemy Number





Secret Dungeon

Art By


!!!!! is a monster that can be found in the Secret Dungeon. It has stats similar to the ?????. It has no special attacks or magic attacks. It is recommended to heal after it attacks you

When it is defeated, it drops a piece of the rank 400 wizard's set. This is similar to Emperor's Clothes, the only purpose is to add bonuses on it.

Enemy Stats

 ! ! ! ! !
Health 3,000,000,000 Element None
Attack 4,600,000 Speed 24%
Magic Attack 0 Heal -
Defense 200,000,000 Explode -
Accuracy 25,000 Rampage -
Evasion 25,000 Special -
Experience 1,400,000 Boss Yes
Coins 900,000 Zombie -
Pixels 400,000 Death -

Invisible Ally Stats

  • Passive Abilities
    • Reward + 30%
    • Drop Rate + 120%
  • Active Abilities
    • Atack: Accuracy Down [CD: 17s] - Deals 900% damage and permanently reduces the monster's Accuracy by 20%.
    • Buff: Reward [CD: 60s] - Grants a 60s Reward Buff.
    • Produce Loot: Rare Item [CD: 90s] - Produces a random rare item.

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